Anxiety or true desire?

I'm wondering if folks with anxiety have had a similar experience to what I am having right now. I've been having panic attacks that come often specifically when I'm trying to complete my school work. Also I was planning on taking a trip to visit family abroad and now thinking about it fills me with anxiety. I wonder sometimes what is anxiety and what is a true sign that I don't want to or shouldn't be doing something. With the school situation I wonder, "Am I pursuing what I'm meant to?", with the trip abroad I wonder "do I really want to go visit?". I guess the main problem is discerning the difference between illogical panic and actual desire and preference. Would love to from others who have had similar experiences.

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  • I deal with this on a daily basis. "What to eat? What should I wear? What do I need to get done first?" then it starts...the racing heart, blood draining from your face, cold sweats, fingers tingling, adrenaline pumping, the thoughts "am I going to pass out? Am I having a heart attack? What's wrong with me?". All because of these simple questions that people answer every day with no problem. The great thing is that you have the choice and you get to decide. If you want to see your family then go and if you don't then you don't have to go. Same with your schoolwork. My advice would be to write down all the pros and cons of each one then decide based on your list and if you can't decide then have someone look at the list and give you advice. Also you don't have to make the choice in one day so take your time and thin about it. I hope this helps!

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