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I had the strangest experience the other day. I left my therapist's office and came home with flu like symptoms. Not the flu just the symptoms. I had this feeling that I still cannot explain fully. I felt different but I have felt this way before. Cannot figure out when or where I felt this way. I think my body is reacting to a releasing of tension. Feels to me like toxins are finding their way out of my system. Emotional toxins. Can you relate?


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Yes I can relate because I usually feel this way when I get panicked about going somewhere and this happens and I usually have to stay home. I get a lightheaded feverish feeling and it is a strange feeling.

Hi, It's actually normal to occasionally feel like having symptoms as you describe after therapy, especially during the beginning of your work with a therapist. It can be a sign of progress. Some people say after they finish chatting with their therapist about feeling symptoms similar to yours, or feeling bad,or horrible even.

As counterintuitive as it may sound, feeling symptoms as you describe during therapy and even after can be good. Exploring your issues can or is overwhelming. Rather than quickly talking away your burdens, you and your therapist are finding new issues, roots and revelations to tackle.

The good news is that feeling you are experiencing doesn’t last forever. It is the beginning of a journey toward feeling great, better than you’ve ever felt.


Depending on the severity of your issues or mental health condition, it might take weeks or months to feel significantly better. Once you start feeling better, that doesn’t mean the rough days are over. You might still leave therapy feeling as you do every once in awhile. There will be new revelations that could shake you up.

Nonetheless, the overall trend will be positive.

Either way you are going to feel better. Remember, it is OK to feel the way you describe after therapy. If you hang in there and move through the process, it will be worth it.

x Breianne

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