Do you ever really beat depression

im just curious as to do we ever really beat depression or is it like a sleeping dog and can awaken at anytime again. Im going through depression and im taking medication and im seeking help through cbt although its early days i still have big dips and feel like iv gone back to the beginning. im worried that this issue will always hang over me and may cause problems in the future again should i get past this. I keep seeing people who have been suffering for years on end

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  • I truly believe it is possible to beat it but I think it will have to be either via a miracle or medical breakthrough.

    since it is said to be caused by a chemical imbalance in the human brain, a miracle could help restore that balance, causing the brain to begin producing the right levels of neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine to keep depression at bay. Medication can help do that too but I am still searching for the right mix to make it happen.

  • i have highs and lows and at first i was in denial. but i got so so low i started medication and its seems to have cleared that foggy feeling in my head. where im stressed and depressed but not sure why. first few weeks no change 4 weeks in big change still have big dips but also making progress also started gym and seems to be making a big impact. instead of getting to the car park and leaving i actually go in now

  • You are struggling right now and feel like you're never going to get better. But feeling that way is a symptom of our condition. Give yourself some time, be gentle with yourself and allow your treatment to take effect. You will feel better again.

    For me personally, I know that I will always have a chemical imbalance, and therefore will always have depression. However, I have gotten to a place where while it is a part of me, I no longer let it define who I am. I have also found that taking an active roll in my treatment has helped me feel like I've gained some control back over my situation. I do my best every day to feel the very best that I can. Some days are good, and some days aren't, but we have to keep moving forward. Don't give up! Love & Light :)

  • Its crazy how chemical imbalances can cause such troubles in our minds. The illness feels like we have become it. I have good days and bad days to but actively trying not to let it consume me or my life : )

  • I think it always has the potential to come back but once you have overcome it the first time it won't have the power to scare you again. The first bout I had was the worst by far and though I struggle at times I have never returned to the state I was in then. It's through God's power that it's defeated, do what he says and he'll deal with the depression

  • I do and He does. He's awesome! He's healed my fibromyalgia. All of that pain is now minimal and not enough diagnostic points are painful! Thanks to the Lord! Now I wait upon him to heal my depression and GAD. I should keep on hoping for 6 years and I will because 6 yrs. are better than no years.

  • All praise be to god : )

    and yes 6 years or anytime is better then no time. Good luck and may god cure all our problems : )

  • I love the fact you believe its through Gods power we defeat depression i whole heartedly agree with you. I believe God is the key to all this. Medication and everything else is just a mean to Gods help : )

  • Yes, I certainly agree with you! Medication and everything we do to help ourselves is just a means God uses to accomplish his healing in us. But he is the ultimate source of our healing. And he is trustworthy and I can count on him.

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