Anxiety increase due to stressful year

Hi all, so while I've had anxiety for most of my life it's always been situational--meaning that certain situations such as having to socialize with particular unpleasant relatives or whatnot would make me anxious but once I was able to return to a comforting situation, I would be able to relax. However, last year was terrible. Seriously. It started with an arm injury which was scary as I am a musician and was worried that I wouldn't be able to play piano or guitar anymore (I've since recovered), followed by my cat getting sick and having to be put down, followed by extremely noisy and intrusive apartment renovations of the unit beneath me, my grandma dying, a stressful class, not knowing what I want to do with my life, my ex getting remarried, etc (I told you it was bad)! Out of the blue, about six months ago I started developing digestion issues and involuntary shaking. As anxiety had never manifested itself this way in me before, I assumed there was something physically wrong with me and began seeing myriads of doctors. To make matters worse, I went on two antibiotics which I believe made my anxiety worse by harming my gut (most of our neurotransmitters which influence our mood are located in our guts). My question: is it possible with proper counseling and medication to go back to the level of anxiety I've always had before this terrible year?

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  • I'm new on here as well. I have also suffered from depression and anxiety. Mine has been there for 19 years. Meds help me so that I capable of having good days. However, the seriously challenging events that have occurred have made me feel like giving up.

    I've been in divorce proceedings for over 2 years. My husband was very abusive towards our first born child. If our boy didn't do everything perfect; my husband would degrade our son, call him names, when our son had days that he was running late for school; my husband would throw him in the car with his pajamas on and drive like a maniac to the school, threatening to force him to go inside with his pajamas on. My spouse continued very disturbing behavior towards my son. We weren't sexually active anymore. There was one night that we went out of town to celebrate our anniversary. I really felt like I was done with the marriage. I even went to seek counsel at the time. Then I discovered that I was pregnant. I was in disbelief because I could not recall a time we were intimate. Eventually; I figured out it was from the anniversary night. I had a very difficult pregnancy with ongoing migraines and hyper-emisis (continuos nausea and vomiting. I was hospitalized for up to 2 months. Once my daughter was born; I felt at peace. She brought me so much joy. I felt like she was a miracle baby. My son was so excited to be a big brother. He gave her lots of attention and love. Perhaps giving her a bit more than he should have (crossing boundaries) he would get into her crib and I'd see him all happy. Shortly after our girl was born, I began to notice that my husband was being extremely over-protective of our girl and extremely harsh on our boy for even going hear her. My husband's constant interference with the kids developing a normal sibling relationship really created some deep emotional wounds for our son.

    I shush prob mention that my husband is an M.D. He does Urologic Surgeries. He knows all about the anatomy. So, when I caught him standing on my son's back (from age 6-12) I totally freaked out! Like wouldn't he know better than to do these cruel acts that could paralyze our child. Husband was very emotionally and verbally, psychologically abusive to me as well. I'm running out of room. Just want to see if anyone has gone through anything similar? Now that our son is 17, he's been sent to residential treatment for depression, behavioral disorder, bi-polar etc and my son has been violent with me. Last June, my son was shot in the leg. I was hoping that he would get a wake up call from that .On this past Christmas, my son hit me so hard on the back & the head that I had to soend 2 days in the hospital. I had a pulmonary contusion from him hitting me THAT hard! I'm He went to juvenile detention because the police found a loaded handgun. I realize that I should be talking about me. I just happen to be going through so much. My house sold in 3 days and I have to have everything moved to storage by April 5,2017. I am having increased periods of depression where I can't get out of bed. Also frequent anxiety attacks. Any words of support or wisdom would be appreciated! It sucks to be in this day and age and feel that there is STILL a stigma when one has any mental health issues. I was hospitalized for severe depression after my daughter was about 6 months after her birth. The abuse that went on with my husband towards my son was done behind my back. During that hospital stay; my husband came for a family meeting. He told the counselor that I would not stop him from having a social life. That was it. No words of encouragement or support. That day I realized that my spouse just wasn't capable of loving any deeper, that he is a narcissist and that he isn't ashamed of all of the pain he's put us all through. By never taking any accountability for anything ; he's taught both kids that they don't need either. Lots more to say but I really just want to say thank your to anyone who takes the time to read this! I can feel myself shutting down. It happens when I'm totally overwhelmed. I want to help bring more awareness to these disorders!! I truly want do something very helpful and important to help this community. Thank you so much.

  • It sounds to me that your mental health issues have been exacerbated by an extremely stressful situation. Have you considered filing for divorce or moving out or is that not an option?

  • Many people have lots of success with therapy and medication.

    I haven't had the chance to try because I have no insurance and can't afford to pay for it out of pocket.

    I can relate to your situation though. I've always had issues with anxiety and at times it was bad. But I've had really really crappy couple of years and it's caused my anxiety to be so bad I can hardly stand it and in return my depression is also awful... I hope you can get the help you need!

  • Thanks, you too! Have you considered looking for low income therapy solutions? I know counties often have programs where they can provide medicine and counseling. I am currently taking Zoloft, and the prescription for 30 tablets was under $9.

  • I've looked and looked and haven't found anything around here.

  • That sucks. I'm sorry :( I know that there's an app called First Opinion where they claim for a small fee that they'll write prescriptions. I've never tried it though so I may be completely wrong.

  • I'll look into it, thanks :)

  • Also, check this out:

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