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Finally feeling better

I am finally feeling better. It is the 7th week since I have been taking an antidepressant and going to therapy. I have also started exercising regularly. I feel like a new person. I wonder if I will have to be on the medication permanently. I feel a million times better. I wonder if I will need these meds my whole life. Sometimes I feel like something is wrong with my brain and I will always need medication to feel normal. Since I had my daughter three years ago it feels like my brain changed if that is possible. Had anyone gotten on medication and then were able to get off eventually?

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So glad you are feeling better! Your post has given me hope! I just started going to therapy and taking medicine 3 weeks ago and even though I know that is not that long of a time, I feel like I should be better by now - what kind of exercising are you doing? Thanks again for posting!

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Hi gmomt, I am glad you are getting help also and I hope you feel better soon. I had no hope for a while and had very dark thoughts. I thought I would never feel better and felt like giving up. It is not until the last two weeks that I feel better. It took a little while, so don’t give up!! I had been on medicine for just a few months after my daughter was born and I have been to therapy off and on since I was 17. This is the first time I am on medicine and consistently going to therapy and taking care of myself. I have been jogging and walking in the mornings before work. I feel like a completely changed person and this combination is working. My husband haven’t fought in almost two weeks. That is a record for us lol.


That is great!! I keep plugging along knowing I surely will feel like my old self soon!


Unfortunately no. Key is to keep busy; keep exercising too! The goal is to have more good days than bad ones. It is working for me (hope I don't jinx myself!).


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