Hello There , My Name is Melvin and i have anxiety

when i was 19 years old , i was in my mothers apartment and experienced my first panic attack of course i had no clue what was going on and i was high off of weed (that didn't make things any better) so i called 911 and was taken to then nearest hospital . from that day forward i was in a deep depression for a few months because i didn't know what was going on with me . ever since that day one thing that i recognized is that when i smoke weed for a extended amount of time , that my panic ALWAYS comes back and my anxiety is enhanced and amplified . i am 24 now and my mom is bi-polar ll so i was always scared ii would get bi-polar from her so when i was having my panic attacks i would think i was going crazy , and since all of my moms side of the family has heart problems , my anxiety soon turned into hypochondria of my heart and scared i would have aneurysms and a lot of other things i seen on google (we all know how that goes) lol as of now i have recently quit smoking weed again because of the same issue ( i know i should know better ) but when i start smoking nothing happens and i am enjoying the high but like three or two months down the road waaa laa my anxiety is through the roof and i have panic attacks . so i know i have a baseline of anxiety due to my mother and it just so happens that weed and extreme stress bring it to the forefront . i only had probably one experience of depression or anxiety besides weed bringing it on , so I'm guessing weed triggers something in my brain and makes it bad for me . has anyone experienced the same ? i want to go more into detail but i just wanted to break the ice ! hello everyone

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  • Welcome. Panic attacks sucks....

  • mellivingswell, yes I also experienced my first panic attack from smoking weed. I was never a regular smoker. The weed is different from when I was a teenager(1970s). It was 1986 and the weed was so strong I felt like I was losing my grip. I then experienced a bad depression for months. I went on antidepressants and have Not gone near weed since then. It really can bring on a lot of deep fears. Good luck and stay away from it. I hope you have a Dr. To talk to.LD

  • Thanks a lot , I'm trying my best not to touch the stuff at least for a while , it for sure makes you paranoid so I'll be not hitting any weed anytime soon . I appreciate the reply beat of luck on your journey as well my friend .

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