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Quick question

This is more of a question I'm just curious about. When someone with a psychosis disorder schi, bipolar etc. They say they hear voices. Is it something similar to their own or and outside voice. I had an experience at the supermarket where I freaked out over seeing the same number over and over again and then I kinda obsessively/aggressively told myself well find it. I know I was causing myself panic but just want to make sure. I've been dealing with a fear of psychosis. So I kind of google and attach symptoms to myself. It was me in my head and just telling myself to find a number I may be exaggerating the aggressiveness but it was a bit like forceful.

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The only person who can help alleviate those fears of yours is your doctor.

I really think everyone with mental illness of any kind ought to have 24/7 access to their psychiatrist either by email, messaging system or phone.


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