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Staying positive regardles


Hi.. Sometimes I think your mind is just so unfair..No matter how hard I try sometimes it seems I will harbor the same thoughts and feelings I decided to put aside..But I realize one day I am in charge of my mind and not my mind in charge of me..So I decided if I can conquer my mind I can conquer my problems so I vowed to be positive regardles of my situation regardless of my feeling regardless of all these doctors and people who are telling me what to do and letting it sound so easy when it is sooo hard..So hard to let go..So hard to live so hard to love..So hard to be positive..But one day I decided to really try and block off negative..Stop doing things to please everyone..Have you ever done that..Go over the edge to please everyone and no one even cares..And then I start caring..I start saying no when I don't wanna and yes when when a wanna and wait when I'm not sure..And go to hell when you are rude to me and really nice to everyone who is really nice to me..Shutting out people who are always complaining always negative..Making my anxiety and depression even worst...And guess what..It works..I'm actually really and truly happy for once in my life..So I'm gonna be positive regardles of what the odds are..I'm gonna be..I love you guys because I see me in you and I understand where you are and what goes on..So my posts will always be positive. Trying to help a falling brother or sister..Giving you my hands and saying..Get up my friend we can do this regardless

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