Sometimes I don't understand why I can go from being really happy to hating myself with in minutes. It's like one minute I love life and the next I'm praying God would just take me out of it. I'm struggling to find a job. Keep going through heartaches and heartbreaks. Sometimes the pain gets so bad to where I'm crying so hard and saying mean things to myself because I see no purpose for me what so ever. I have drag a hole for myself and I can't seem to find away out. I did find that most of Christian Pop music helps clam me. I think that why I always have it on that channel. I also find the show Friends clams me to.

I'm just so tired, I just wanna feel what I feel. And hopefully one day I'll get better.

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  • I think job hunting is one of the hardest things a person, any person, has to do. It's really tough on you emotionally, whoever you are. I think that's why you can go from being happy to being really down on yourself in a short period of time. You are putting yourself out there to be accepted over and over again. And you get rejected and you have no idea why much of the time. Is it personal or is it just your skills that are lacking or what?? You won't know in most cases but it's really hard on your self esteem and your confidence.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "clam me" unless you mean "calm"me. Calming music sounds very good for you. I'm glad you have that. I don't like you hating yourself. That needs some help. You could benefit from some counseling because you have to live with yourself and why not love yourself? Aren't you closely involved with yourself? Don't you spend a lot of time together and do and be the kind of person you want to be? I hope you do. I really hope you do. If not, how about changing that around?

  • You've got some stress inducing things going on so I wish you the best and to hold on longer to the moments where it's good. Good luck

  • Also you might want to talk to a professional at some point and separately when necessary some people take medicine to stabilize when the jumps in mood are so sudden and extreme

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