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Panic or something else?

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I feel like I''m not getting enough air. I realize this could be a panic attack as I started having them about 5 years ago. But I take herbal supplements for them and haven't had one in a couple of years now, all I usually get are small symptoms of a pending attack but nothing really bad. Until now. I guess I'm looking for reassurance from someone that I'm not going to pass out or die.

10 Replies
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Hi blueslite, sorry you are going through this. Panic attacks are very uncomfortable and upsetting, but they are not actually harmful to your physical health.

It may be worth talking to your doctor about how they could be managed or prevented x

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blueslite in reply to Dell12345

Thanks for responding. :) I've had some really bad attacks in the past but not since I started taking herbal supplements to control them. But I was diagnosed with high blood pressure a few weeks ago and it was very high so I'm thinking maybe that's what's wrong right now. High BP can cause these types of symptoms. And now because I realize it's probably my BP and that can be life-threatening, I'm really nervous. I'd rather have a panic attack, at least it wouldn't kill me.

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Agora1 in reply to blueslite

Hi blueslite, trading one fear for another still plays hard on our physical as wellas emotional state. When diagnosed with high b/p a few weeks ago, did your doctor

put you on any medications? Are you still taking herbal supplements? Always let

your doctor know everything you are on, everything...

High blood pressure can be addressed which in turn will reduce your panic symptoms.

Finding quiet times during the day "me times" can help quiet the mind as well as the

body. I use YouTube...type in Meditation for High Blood Pressure and sit back and listen

Even if you are on medication, finding other tools to reduce your worry and stress

can be beneficial. I wish you well. :) xx

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blueslite in reply to Agora1

Agora! So nice to see you again. :) Yes, I got a prescription and they know all the supplements I take. I didn't want to take the medication when I was alone due to all the side effects and many of them seriously disturbing to me. My niece finally agreed to be with me and I had no problems other than they make me fall asleep about every 2 hours. I'm under a lot of stress, my life has gotten continually worse and I have a lot of fears about my future. A little while ago I started feeling sick to my stomach which is unusual for me and I don't know why that's happening. Maybe nerves but I don't generally get stomach upsets. Anyway, I tried desperately to lower my blood pressure with alternative remedies and diet, got it down to normal but it went back up again. So I went back to the medication. I practice Yogic breathing and years ago I used to meditate. I've tried it again but I can't seem to get myself into a very meditative state and stay there for any amount of time. But I'll keep trying. I have many problems these days. Thanks for responding. I really appreciate it. :)

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Agora1 in reply to blueslite

blueslite, have you tried working on your breathing? I mean relearning howto breathe properly can have amazing effects on the blood pressure as well

as reducing adrenaline.

After having been agoraphobic for 5 years, I used breathing properly to get

myself outside once again. I found that using it in the big box stores no longer

gave me any anxiety. Driving, whether stuck at a train track or merging onto

the expressway was now a calming experience.

Waiting in the doctor's office I use meditation and my breathing. I am on blood

pressure medication as well and this technique just enhances the medication.

I hope you adjust to your new med soon. My best to you :) xx

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Yes, I do Yogic breathing for BP. Years ago I did it for relaxation, I didn't have a BP problem then, and it would drop my BP from 120/60 to 98/40. These days it does help to drop it about 10 points but it goes back up very high in a short time. This morning it's not too bad - 123/65. I'm hoping that with the medication, the change in diet and herbal remedies it will go down and stay down.

I have a feeling a big part of the problem might be diet.

What do you mean by "breathe properly"? I'm assuming that's different than Yogic breathing which isn't something you can do all day long like regular breathing. It's good to hear that it helped you so much with the agoraphobia. I'm very interested in breathing techniques. Right now, after 2 hours, my BP is up to 170/77. :( Very distressing.

My main problems are health anxiety and major financial problems. Thanks Agora. :)

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Agora1 in reply to blueslite

Hi blueslite, honestly I've never gotten into Yoga in any sense of the form.However, I did pick up on "belly breathing" when I was having hypnotherapy

sessions. I studied and practiced it until I no longer had to think about it.

My brain was retrained.

It starts with relaxing the shoulders, pulling away from my ears. Whether sitting

or standing or lying down I was breathing properly (meaning not chest breathing. Watching

a baby sleep or a dog can show you how they breathe. Slow, deep and relaxed.

Breathing in thru the nose and then *this is the important part in that we exhale with

pursed lips long and slow. It's that exhale that will bring down your b/p, slow your

breathing as well as lower the levels of adrenaline.

Not a day goes by that i don't start the day with Meditation and Breathing (before

getting out of bed) It starts me off on the right foot. Then midafternoon a quick 5-10

min Meditation/Breathing and then once again before bed.

After about 30 days, your brain gets retrained to spot any incorrect breathing you may

do during the day. Holding your breath as well as hyperventilation when stressed.

It kicks in automatically and within moments you are breathing normally.

I use it w/o thinking while driving, shopping, watching tv etc.

When b/p gets high and it will even on meds, take time to sit and relax, pull shoulders

down and breathe in and exhale slowly. You will see a drastic change in the numbers.

So for me, there's no magic. I learned this on my own through YouTube over and over again.

I never miss a day. My body and mind are always prepared w/o even trying.

As I sit and read the posts on this site, I lean back in my chair, shoulders down and breathe

through the scroll. An inner peace of mind and body will come over me no matter how

stressful the reading may get, I am able to be in control of myself. I hope this helps

some. There is no set rule for anything we do but just do what works for you. :) xx

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blueslite in reply to Agora1

I've been very busy here trying to get affordable senior housing and other stuff done that will help me out. Anyway, I never tried Yoga just the breathing technique. It's one of different breathing techniques similar to the one you describe. Not sure why it's associated with Yoga. The breathing you've described is one I tried in the past for panic attacks when I was having them. I've tried it now but my BP is still high. It goes up and down - it can be 171/65 and 7-8 hours later it will be 130/70 then hours later back up again. It's driving me crazy. And the medication makes me feel extremely exhausted, I keep falling asleep. Right now I'm having something I've never had before - racing heart. It's beating quite fast. I did the breathing you suggested and I think it started to help but I started getting slightly dizzy so I stopped. That happens to me with some breathing techniques that I've tried.

I have way too much stress, I need to be able to relax. Reading your posts has somewhat of a calming effect on me. I get a sense of calmness from your tone. It's very nice. I'll continue with the breathing and hope I'm doing it right. Thanks Agora! :)

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Agora1 in reply to blueslite

Hi blueslite, as for the fast heartbeat, there are medications that yourdoctor can give you to calm that down. Some will even calm the b/p as well.

Breathing exercises can do wonders but it must be done in the proper way

and with control. If you got dizzy doing breathing you might be over breathing

or holding your breath too long between inhales and exhales.

As long as you have the fast heart beat you will continue to be anxious and focus

on it. This issue needs to be addressed by your doctor or a cardiologist.

Once you no longer feel that racing heart, your anxiety will go down dramatically.

That's got to be stressful in looking for affordable senior housing. I wish you well

in finding something soon that will fit your needs.

May you find Peace & Tranquility within your mind. Namaste dear friend :) xx

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blueslite in reply to Agora1

I don't want any medications. It only happened once and I'm sure it's because of all the stress I have. I'm quite distraught lately over too many issues I have. Not health issues but other things that I have to deal with, one in particular is that there's something wrong with my computer. That causes me extreme stress because it's my only connection to people. I need to master the breathing technique. I know different ways of breathing can help immensely, I just have to get it right.

On another note, I wonder if you could tell me how to find who I'm following. I know it's on my profile page but it isn't clickable. So I'm sure it must be somewhere else in my profile but I can't find it. Just one more little stressful incident I don't need. I see where it says "posts" "following" and "followers" but you can't click on them. Feeling way too stressed out today. Thanks Agora! :)

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