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I surfer from anxiety, depression and PTSD, after being bullied at work for years and the company doing nothing to help me and now they tell me mental health is not covered under work comp I'm out on leave from work disability pay is not enough to bills. They want so much paperwork filled out by my Doctor and therapist and I no money to see them I need help and no one will listen to me All I want to do is die can't live this way anymore

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  • Can you get anyone to help you? I think that your employer HAS to cover you and can't turn you down due to mental health issues but I'm not positive. What about giving a lawyer a call? Maybe a disability lawyer? And ask his or her secretary that question. Also, I believe most counties have a program for the poor for mental health. In mine it's called Directions. They have medications as well as counseling and possibly doctors. Call your county health department and ask. I wish and hope for the best for you.

  • Thank you I have tried a lawyer no one will take my Case I have no luck with anything I try

  • OK, have you checked with the county health dept. about a program for adults mental health help when they can't afford private doctors?

    When you say "I tried a lawyer" does that literally mean you tried 1 lawyer? Because all lawyers aren't "1 lawyer" and the county or other charities may know about a lawyer that does help people like you and others who can't pay top dollar. One time I needed a lawyer to fight for my disability and all I needed in the end was for him to write 1 letter and my disability refusal was reversed and the fight was over for $125.00. That's not so expensive for a monthly check of over $1,000.00.

    I hired him knowing I probably couldn't pay him for long, but I gave it a try to see how expensive it would amount to and it worked out just fine! I wouldn't have been able to keep going and keep paying him plenty of money. Thank goodness I did let him try!! So hang in there and just do your best.

  • Thanks I tried 5 lawyers they all said no. Its like no one wants to help me all they want is money and I have none I don't even have enough to pay the bills.

  • I'm sorry that has happened. It seems strange that 5 lawyers turned you down. I have no idea what's going on here.

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