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Failure to make good impressions

I had a really bad day and I ended up in bed in the late afternoon because I went out today and am recovering from being sick. I am also on a steroid to help the inflammation in my throat because my cough was so severe. The steroid makes my depression worse but it is imperative that I take it in order to get well. Anyway, I am upset because I think I turned my hairstylist off (she has been very sweet to me and I tip her well) because I've told her crazy stories that are all true but I have a crazy life!!! You see, my close relatives all have some kind of mental affliction but I am an only child and the only one that admits that I am ill. As a result, my stories about my family don't seem true to some people and I end up looking like a jerk! She didn't say that to me but I have a feeling I don't come across well to people and it's really eating me up today! I saw her make a face when she was coming toward me and am really hurt because I think her opinion of me is ruined! I am kind of wishing I was fake when I talked to people so they wouldn't have to get to know my crazy situation.

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May I suggest you don't tell your family stories if you think they are kind of nutty? Why invite trouble? Or discomfort? Talk about any of so very many other subjects. Your favorite musical group, a hobby, your work, whatever. Listen to your hairstylist's stories. Ask her about something in her life and then listen to her. But don't wander into the weirdness of your family because there's no need.

Do you realize that other people sometimes have weird relatives and they avoid telling you about them for the same reasons you are having troubles? They want to avoid the topic altogether because they aren't going to admit that they have family as crazy as yours. If you're spilling the beans looking for acceptance it isn't going to work.

People like it when you take an interest in them. Ask your clients about themselves and listen to what they say. That should make most of them happy.

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