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Internal freak out!


Hey all I'm 24 recovering from an assault and mental break down last year. I am working at my first job since and freaking out. I missed a fair amount of work from anxiety and depressions systems last semester but made up all my hours and my boss was super impressed. I'm two months in and got sick last week and missed a day and a half which is fine on it's own, but then this week yesterday I was an hour late due to a family emergency and in my stress I forgot to text my boss. He texted me today about how next time he is on campus he will be writing me up. I apologized sincerely and took ownership but I am internally freaking it about bejng fired.

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It sounds like you have done your best - that is great! You're taking responsibility for your actions, which is extremely important to do in order to manage anxiety and function in society. Take some deep breaths, and appreciate yourself and your effort. Do your best, and your boss will see and appreciate your efforts - even if you aren't "perfect!"

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