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Extreme anxiety


I can't take it anymore. I'm at a loss as to how to deal with the constant anxiety symptoms since about Tuesday. It's awful. I have the constant feeling of needing to take a deep breath. I've tried to fight it for as long as I can BUT I've been dealing with it for soooo long I've caused my back shoulder blade area to sore. I feel as though I've been gasping for air or over breathing and it's caused my lungs to feel like they're burning. I've tried to distract myself with TV books crafts cooking anything and everything and nothings working. I should have insurance soon but in the meantime I'm beyond a wreck tonight and just about to tears. I'm tired of feeling sick and tired! Has anyone had any luck with vitamins? I read where b12 helps with anxiety.

I have a host of health issues that need addressed. I'm 41 and stopped having my period July 2016. I still believe I have a thyroid issue.

My chest is burning and I just feel unwell. I'm so angry to have to deal with this everyday.

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I'm so sorry that you aren't finding any relief. I know how miserable you must feel because I've been there.

Can you afford to go to the emergency room? That is my best recommendation for now. But I don't know how you'd pay for it or if you said you can't pay if they'd write it off?

I'd be angry, too, if I was you. You may well have a thyroid issue. I guess you're holding off on the medical appointments due to not having coverage yet? B12 isn't going to rid you of this anxiety right now or later. This is way too much for it to make a dent in. You need some serious medicine from the ER. They may even send you home with 1 -2 days worth of drugs to see you through until you get to a doctor. That's what they did for 1 of my sons. It just depends on who is working that night.

Then you need to get seen by a GP or internist or a psychiatrist...whoever can see you 1st. Tell him or her about your symptoms and see where he/she goes from there. You can research a Psych Dr. on the website Psychology Today by photo and by philosophies, education, specialties, sliding scale fees, insurance accepted and so on. Take care and write back if you want to talk or have any question. Love, Sue

Sunnycity in reply to BonnieSue

Thank you for the info. I'll keep you posted.

I have similar issues but the both breathing one. I've been suffering anxiety for about 6 months now. I know my doc is tired of seeing my face. I've dealt with the back pain, headaches, nausea, faint feeling, jelly legs, muscle weakness, etc.

I just know there is another underlying medical condition that they are missing. I was diagnosed with hypothyrodism back in 2009 I've been on meds ever since. My doc monitors my thyroid pretty well. He makes sure to test my T3, T4. TSh, TFree

I know everyone is different. I tried B12 and it seemed to help. Being around others seems to distract, but it comes back.

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