I've been dealing with panic attacks and depression for 19 years now. Several types of meds and med combinations. Today it is Zoloft and Chlonipin. Doc added in Welbutrin about a month ago and it has kind messed up the mix. This post is to reach out to meet others who suffer from similar things. I do not know anyone in my day to day life that has a similar condition or really understand how scary panic attacks really are.

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  • Flynn my name is Jason. I'm 35 and have had a severe anxiety disorder since I was 17. I've been on practically every medicine known to man. I stayed o Zoloft for the last few years but quit cold turkey back in October. It has been an adjustment and am dealing with anxiety now but am working through it.

    I've been doing research to find better, more healthy alternatives to deal with my anxiety besides pharmaceuticals. It looks like theres a lot out there an in trying them.

    In a few articles I've read, they point to bloating or GI issues. I've always had stomach issues and blamed it on one thing or the other. Too much dairy, cheese, just full of gas, etc. But in reading more it shows that having these stomach issues can cause anxiety. Which to mean rings true because hundreds of times, including right now, my stomach is achy and I'm in an anxiety state.

    I have also started drinking herbal tea including chamomile at night (seems to work nicely) and will start one during the day to relax stress. Lavender oils have worked for me as well.

    I think the biggest thing that we can do in these positions are maintain our calmness, realize that our mind is playing these tricks on us, that we are better than these attacks, and we will overcome these. My life has much more in store for me than anxiety.

    Take deep breaths, for a minute, and sit quietly. Control your thoughts.

  • I hope your having relief with natural remidies

  • Thanks Riley. It's a work in progress and every day is something new. But I'm staying positive and focusing on what's important t.

  • I can relate! I have anxiety and depression. But also suffer from debilitating panic attacks. I have taken Zoloft, Wellbutrin, lexapro and now only cymbalta along with as needed meds for panic. Your are not along in this struggle. If you need to talk I am here. The most important thing is to be completely honest with your doc about how the meds may or may not help so they can get a right fit that will help you!

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