Ketamine for depression?

Has anyone ever heard of this? If you're not familiar, ketamine is used as an anesthetic in animals and children. It was (and might still be) popular as a party drug (special K) and people would end up in a "k-hole" completely f***ed up and unable to function.

I saw an ad recently for a clinic in New Jersey that does a series of ketamine infusions (very low dose). The testimonials on the site sound promising, but of course they would. Lol.

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  • I have heard of this on TV and the news. They say it works for severe depression, but only lasts 2 weeks. You would need to get more info on it. Maybe you get another dose of your depression recurs. Look into it

  • Heard of Ketamine as you described, but never for use in mental health tx in humans. I would do more research just to be on the safe side & making sure any clinic or practice is fully licensed to dispense such a drug. Best of luck to you

  • Don't know if you're still interested in this; I just joined. I've been having Ketamine Infusion Therapy for 1.5 years and it has changed my life, in conjunction with Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation. Ketamine Therapy is nothing short of miraculous, but, as was mentioned, it's extremely short - lived, super expensive, and not yet FDA approved and therefore not covered by insurance. If you're still looking into this I'm happy to share my experience.

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