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Hello to All; I am new here. I have suffered from health anxiety for at least 25 years. I have been seeing a therapist who diagnosed me with OCD because I obsess over every symptom I feel, and run from to doctor to doctor, only finding relief when they tell me I'm ok. That relief only lasts a very short time, and then I'm worried about something else. Then the cycle starts all over again. I feel like I'm making no progress, and I live with paralyzing worry all the time. Anyone else?

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I have health anxiety as well. I've always had it to a certain extent but it got much worse when I lost my insurance a few years ago. Unfortunately the lack of insurance also means I can't see a therapist either. I always blow things way out of proportion and I drive the people around me crazy. I always imagine the worst case scenario. I google everything. It sucks.

I'm sorry to hear you're struggling so much, and I completely understand. I still see a therapist from time to time, and still have anxiety. Have you tried to locate some local support groups? They are free, and a good place to listen to others and not feel so alone. I've been to one. It feels strange at first, but I walked about feeling like I'm not alone. If you can find a treatment center near you - for example - there is an Anxiety treatment center near by, that hosts a support group every Wednesday, and they are free. A therapist from the center monitors and leads the group. Maybe that could help a little?

Hello Summer03-

I can feel your pain. I've been dealing with exactly what you describe but not as long. I'm trying my best to deal with this on my own but it is taking a toll on my life- mentally, physically, and emotionally. Any suggestions?

I'm constantly worrying about my health. If I feel a pain anywhere I run to the doctor who thinks I've lost my mind. I do have an understanding Doctor though which helps. I have been having horrible neck/upper back pain for a couple weeks now and all I keep hearing is its anxiety. Could this really be? Why? I get a constant feeling where I'm going to faint. Never do but the feeling is horrible. I get twitching all over my body, legs feel like they are gonna give out, body shakes on inside. Anyone relate to these symptoms or do j actually have something else wrong?

sweetiepye in reply to BMW123

Note, I am not a Doctor, I am a person who has had anxiety and recovered. You have anxiety without a doubt. Those symptoms are so familiar to me. I have walked miles on jelly legs, they don't give out.Have you ever heard of anyone dying from anxiety. It seems to me if you had anything serious you would be dead already. This is what worked for me, I hope it helps you. See a behavioral therapist, try anti depressants, find something to focus on other than yourself. You will be fine. I find this forum very helpful, hopefully you will too. Pam

BMW123 in reply to sweetiepye

Thanks Pam for your response. This helps me feel relief somewhat. I do take .5 Ativan as needed but try avoid using it as much as possible due to the long term effects. I only talk when I feel I'm loosing control. I guess I'm just driving myself crazy searching for answers. I can't understand how one day you are fine then the next you are dealing with uncontrolled anxiety. I can be sitting on the couch watching a comedy movie and not focusing on myself and it hits me like a ton of bricks. First the nausea, gonna pass out, clammy hands, shaking. It's like I'm going crazy. I have to get up and walk it off.

sweetiepye in reply to BMW123

Please believe me I know it well. When I mentioned thinking of something beside yourself I was thinking of a long term goal. Something to lift your self esteem. I mentioned anti depressants because your brain chemistry may be off and anti depressan will take care of that and they are long term. you need to do a little on line research and talk to your Dr. You don't have to live this way. Pam

rippi in reply to BMW123

Hi at least you can walk it off, since my broken ankle I now can walk but not too far so it makes it hard to go do that...I do get the jitters and jittery teeth like im freezing, thats when im really bad, but your's sounds like it comes fast and goes fast that is better then all day like me...geezzz

rippi in reply to BMW123

yes I get jittery even my teeth feel like they are jittery like im freezing, that is when im at my worst, but always have this feeling of doom and fear. havent had the jelly legs yet or fainting feeling, do get restless legs tho...but had that for years..

jimedpear257 in reply to BMW123

I suffer from same symptoms . Going thru a really bad time right now. It's like being in hell. Hope you get some help. I'm 67 and have suffered for several years. Staying busy helps a lot. Keep me posted.

I also have OCD and have since I was a kid. I am 60 now and am on meds for it for about 25 years. I don't have health anxiety per se, my OCD centers around the safety and health of my loved ones. I am somewhat health conscious , but that is not my main obsession. There are great books and info available to you. Go to and look under OCD books. Dr. Grey is a well known OCD Dr. There are many. It really helps to read up on it. You find good advice and treatment types. Good luck and let us know how you are doing.


I've suffered health anxiety my entire life. It's awful. Please know that you are not alone.

I also suffer in this way. Physical symptoms bother me so much and can make it very difficult to focus outside of myself. Stress over the last few years have made me highly sensitized and i am reading again Hope and Help for your nerves by Claire Weekes. Each day i work to accept the physical symptoms but to get up and find an activity i enjoy.

rippi in reply to Cjonesabq

Gosh can you really accept the physical symptoms? Im having a very hard time doing that. I do try to do something like the computer games, TV but it seems to still come up...ugh i feel like i have to going or doing something all the time which takes me away from relaxing which I cant seem to do very much of...

Cjonesabq in reply to rippi

I just try to focus on getting about the business of living life despite the physical symptoms. I believe that acceptance comes by letting time pass.

Hi, Yes mine is about medical things too, esp since I need to go to the Dentist and just cant bring myself with out the raging fear, and anxiety. Dont know what to do about it..I understand what your going through it is horrible. are you on med's for your anxiety? does it help if so, and what are you on?

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