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Health Anxiety


I feel really alone in my battle with health anxiety. It comes and goes in waves and when it is bad it is really bad. I don't know anyone that shares my experience. I think it all roots from my mom dying when I was 21 at 43 from Cancer. I am convinced I have cancer with the smallest symptom. I google my symptoms and get scared and am convinced I am dying. I was part of a php group last summer and it was the first time I met people that feel like me. No one understands me and I feel like a crazy person. What if I really am dying? Sometimes it feels like I am. Does anyone else feel like I do? What has worked for you? Are there any anxiety groups in Seattle? Anything kind will help. Thanks for reading.

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It's terrible to suffer from anxiety. You can overthink a problem and worry. I have had anxiety attacks at times during my life. The very best therapy is to get out and meet people and not always to think about "me". Helping others is great therapy and will increase your self-esteem!

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I am a HS Counselor and it does help a lot to help others. It is just hard to not have anyone understand illness anxiety. I talk about anxiety all day and give great advise but its hard to turn that inward. :(

Give a symptom at least a week before you worry. Many symptoms can anything including simple indigestion. Don't create more anxiety for yourself.

1st off you are most definitely not alone and so very brave for reaching out. People who have lost a loved one feel so much trauma and unfortunately experience physical and mental backlash from it. You are not less of a person if you seek medical and psychiatric help. Self care is everything going and you matter, you are important.

Hello, I am so sorry you are going through the same thing I am going through. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I also suffer from health anxiety very bad and it also started when my dad died of cancer. Just like you, I am very aware of physical feelings and I do fear the worst. I did the same mistake as you, I started googling syntoms and it made my anxiety worst. Inhave gone through several doctors appointments because my anxiety started affecting my body now. I am not functioning well and now I get from stomach pains, to menstrual cramps, to muscle pains... you name it. I had to get an ultrasound today for my lower abdominal pain at my gyno and I get results tomorrow. I am suffering the anxiety of waiting the results, I made a huge mistake to look at the ultrasound pics and googling similar pictures... of course the first ones that came up where cancer in ovaries. That makes my anxiety even worst. But that's what I get from googling syntoms. I'm still trying to fight my anxiety. I am going to a psychologist who specializes in anxiety an doing cognitive behavioral therapy. I am not taking any meds just herbal teas,magnesium, exercising and changed my diet. I am here for you, you can message anytime. It's a long dark road, but we can do this. Hope you feel better soon

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Just msg you 🤝

Health Anxiety I have had anxiety for as long as I remember and can understand the feelings anxiety brings to one’s life. I have not suffered from health anxiety, but I do understand the fear and panic one experiences when anxiety attacks your thoughts. Have you looked into counseling or other types of therapy that is geared just for your area of anxiety? If you don’t mind there is a good article at It has several good articles that may help. I have found meditation to be a wonderful calmer when those moments hit. May you find encouragement in knowing you are not alone, but also you do not have to let this anxiety rule how you live.

Thank you so much for sending this to me and for the resource. It was really helpful. I’m doing cbt and taking meds but anytime I feel scared for my health everything gets really bad. How are you doing?

Things are well. I am here anytime you would like to talk. Right now I am trying to wrap my head around my Mom's recent cancer diagnoses, but I know when it is her time she will be ok and so will I. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy that extra hour of sleep.

I went to met few different Dr, they all asked me don’t go searching on google just gonna make it worse!!! I think I having health anxiety for about 1 year now and everyday I feel different kind of physical symptoms on my body like dizzy, chest pain, chest uncomfortable, weakness body, muscle pain, heart rate suddenly go up...... you name it, all these physical symptoms have scared me a lot seriously. I really feel like I have something wrong with my body everyday like you said scared of die but After I joined this group I have so much support and I know WE ARE NOT ALONE! Feel free to msg me. Have all of us getting well soon

You really are not alone and with health anxiety it makes you feel very alone because the people who are going through this only understand you?

Health anxiety is all about the 'fear' of it and the fact it's took our mum's so quickly and so young hasn't helped us in the slightest.

My doctor didn't understand me at all so I too I'm always thinking im losing my mind..what we feel is normal response after losing a loved one everybody respond differently and many get this health anxiety...?

I find just trying to keep my mind occupied helps but when it hits it really hits don't it.. So nothing you do helps i listen to music a lot of i read my kindle You will find your coping strategies it takes time you can do this here if you need a chat

Nat x

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