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Hi All,

I have been suffering from anxiety for years but I have always been to afraid to speak with a professional. I finally managed to talk myself into booking an appointment I'm really anxious about it, in people's experience has seeking professional treatment helped and in what way?

My anxiety is so bad I feel like I'm holding my breath all the time so I would Love some relief from the symptoms.

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  • Your General Doctor can help too if you feel more comfortable with someone you know. I have gotten help from my Gynocologist too for my anxiety. It helps to just talk to any medical professional you trust and they will get you the help you need.

  • I have been helped by going to a therapist and a psychiatrist to

    Combine meds with some great conversations . There is no doubt that was the most important first step for me

    And just FYI if you don't feel a connection with this person there are plenty of others waiting to help you

    Good luck and stay strong

  • Anxiety from a new doc is normal. Do not stick with a therapist that you dont like. You should feel a sort of bond with your therapist. It should be like talking to your best friend about something and not the neighbor you hardly know. There is no need to feel anxious. You are both there for the same reason, to help you get better. If you dont feel that, then go to someone else. I personally trust my psychologist as much as I do my mother and that is saying a lot. She doesnt judge, she listens, asks questions all to help me get better. i always leave feeling better than I came in and wish I could see her daily:)

    TLDR version. Yes therapy and/or meds do help but it may take time in both cases to find the right one.

  • I am new here, but I have been dealing with anxiety for quite some time myself. I see a therapist and take meds as well. I always have a fear of seeing her right before I go, but ALWAYS feel better after I leave. Definitely try therapy!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!

  • Hi honey - I would ask your GP for a recommendation and go from there. Tell the practice/therapist what you want and need out of therapy. Don't be afraid to speak your mind. Maybe seek a practice with more therapists on staff. That way if one person isn't a fit, there are others. The therapist I am seeing now is great. I was by default given to this one woman to do my 'intake', moreorless your history, problems, etc. and I had a session with her. I didn't like her very much, she was ok, I kind of felt like the cliche of the patient laying on the couch and her in her chair asking me, "How does that make you feel?" There was another woman I started seeing at the same place, has only been 2 times, and has already made a difference. Go with and trust your gut. And it's been proven meds and therapy are the best and most successful approach and treatment for anxiety, depression, etc. Good luck!

  • Take it from me as it will be ok. Booking an appointment with a professional is a step in the right direction and you should be commended for it. A therapist can help you in many ways so stay positive!

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