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Life in ruin

I am 22 years old I have been diagnosed with bipolar depression and anxiety I have paranoia due to these and I feel like everyone is out to get me or has ulterior motives it has affected me going to school work and having healthy relationships with family and friends I just wanna know I'm not alone and their is someone with the similar obstacles in life

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I'm 25 and I have a 2 yr old daughter. My anxiety ruined my last serious relationship and I got kicked out. I'm on medications but it seems so much harder now having to do everything on my own with her. Bills, rent, and I have no choice now but to work. I have no friends because of it so I know exactly how you feel

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I had to give custody to my mom where I can't handle two toddlers....how do you cope


My mom keeps threatening to take her and prove me unfit at times but she knows how much I love and need her. My daughter is kinda a crutch to me. I don't want her growing up with that weight on her but realizing I hAve to take care of her because I was the one who had her speaks louder in the back of my mind. I'm currently searching for a therapist because my psychiatrist suggests that I need GAD and CBT therapy alongside my medicine. I've been dealing with panic disorder and agoraphobia since I was 16 so I've got a lot of years under my belt


You might want to look at the site of Psychology Today where you can read the therapist's philosophy, education, specialties, cost and insurance accepted.


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