Feb 2016 Agoraphobic take-over

Ready to seek new ways of coping. My depression, anxiety, and agoraphobia has been ruling my life for 4 years now. Drugs make me so tired that I sleep more than live. I have not been out of the apartment in weeks and canmot hold down a job. M0st of my interests are gone and new ones impossible to develop. I am living with and being cared for by my mother who is just about ready to throw in the towel. Please advise.

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  • A good therapist could help you right now. Your mom doesn't understand your illness. You could benefit from someone to talk with, share your feelings, This is not easy.

  • I went to a therapist a few times. I didn't give it enough of a chance. I am trying to find one that is not associated with a religious institution as I am agnostic. I went to one that said she could seperste her beliefs but she really couldn't. It makes it more awkward for me as I dont want to offend others with my agnosticism.

  • Hi Brooke.

    You are entitled to your beliefs as is she. Try to be upfront about it.

  • How are you doing today?

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