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Help with depression

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After a recent bereavement I now have depression and ocd thoughts about death. Does anyone else have this? I am starting cbt but wondered if anti depressants could help I'm struggling to hold down a job and be happy. I just went to be in bed all day sleep is the best no negative thoughts. Please share your stories with me

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I'm sure antidepressants are worth trying. Some are especially good for OCD. I have OCD and I have been helped by Prozac for many years. It makes sense if you are mourning someone that you would have death thoughts. I wish you well and hope you get some relief.

Sorry to hear of what you're going through. Do you mean ocd and thoughts of death? Wasnt sure

Obsessive thoughts about death it is constantly on my mind.

Oh...sorry to hear that. I experienced that after my great grandmother passed away. It didn't start right away and lasted several months. Then it went from constant to occasional. She was the only 1 in my family I felt close to and accepted by. Talk therapy helped me to survive that year. I have many of those thoughts now but they aren't related to her passing.

What kind of thoughts? I just can't over we will all die one day I want to be open minded about what happens but it's difficult. I have a nice life and I think it's depression that is causing the thoughts. Are you young? I got these thoughts when I was 14 initially but then life took over and I made plans and was busy the thoughts went but the recent bereavement triggered it all again. Have you spoken to anyone about your thoughts?

Suicidal thoughts. I'm 29. They started at age 12. She passed at age 22. I've been talking about it more recently in therapy. I'm starting a new therapist I'm 2 weeks. My last one got sick and isn't available so I had to find a new one. I plan on being more,honest when it comes to that in therapy because all my stress and worthlessness leads there and I can't move forward unless that's somehow dealt with. It's a symptom of depression and any death can trigger those thoughts (ie. A pet or loved one). It sou,'s like that's what you're experiencing. There may be grief support groups in your area that can help. One and one Definately helps. You can talk it out, process, grieve, be heard.

Sorry about your great gran mother by the way x


Hi laurakingsurrey, sorry to hear you are going through a very difficult time. I can relate to what you are saying as my mum passed away last year and I really struggled coming to terms with it. Like you I wanted to hide away in bed sleep the time away because then I wouldn't need to think about my mum and how much I miss her. Soon after her death I started having nightmares about my young daughter dying. This was horrendous but it did pass. I personally think anti-depressants helped, they did for me and can I just say I think CBT is very good so try and keep going with it.

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