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Hello! I am 53 years old and have dealt with depression and anxiety pretty much my whole life. My issues probably due to a horrible home life growing up, I am sure a lot of you can relate. I used alcohol for a long time to self medicate. I have been sober for almost 4 years. I recently moved away from family and friends, again very stressful. Having dealt with these issues for so long I have all the "knowledge" and tools. But I still struggle with the what am I dealing with, am I depressed or is it anxiety. And does it really matter which came first? I am so happy I found this site because I have been looking for a support group. By the way I am Giginmaya!

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Hi Ginginmay

Welcome to the site, everyone is friendly, supportive & welcoming here!

Are you seeing a Dr or Psychiatrist about your Anxiety & depression? Or taking any medication?

You mention you've had anxiety & depression for a number of years due to a difficult childhood & home life when you were growing up! Was there anyone else in your family who sufferers from Anxiety & Or Depression that you know of? As I'm sure you know it can be hereditary!

I had a pretty difficult & rough time growing up too! So I feel for you, I'm not gonna say I know how you feel cos I don't, only you know how you really feel! But I do empathise with you!

I can understand why you started drinking to block life out & you've been sober for for four years which is great & can't have been easy for you! Please don't think I'm am trying to patronise you, but Well done for getting off the alcohol, did you have a thing like medication to support you or was it cold turkey?

I don't feel that it matters which came first, the anxiety or depression, but that's my own opinion, others may disagree! But I found that some other sufferers I know have experienced the symptoms the other way round!

You mentioned you have just moved away from your family & friends, do you know anyone where you live now? Or were you just moving to have a fresh start from everyone? Do you find it easy being on your own & making some new friends, so you can be who You want to be without anyone judging you? Or because you like being on your own & cope better without your past friends & family & are able to put the tools you have into action without any distractions?

Do you work or are you unable to work?

Sorry for all the questions, it just helps us to get to know & understand you a bit better!

Take Lots of Care

Here's a welcome 🤗 Hug. spykey


I am taking generic Wellbutrin and Triliptal. I may need to increase at some point because I am on the lowest dose. I am not alone. I've been married 31 years to the same man. We moved for a job opportunity. The area I live in is rural and definitely different than where I was from. I quit drinking cold turkey. I am very glad that I found this site as there aren't any support groups nearby. As a matter of fact they don't have any therapist who specialize in treating anxiety disorders. I think, for me, when I have episodes now it takes me awhile to remind myself to use all the many tools at my disposal. Finding people who have the same issues as me and seeing that I am not alone will help a lot. Fingers crossed ‼️ Thank you for your response.


Can you talk ?


I am here.


What do we do on the days where it hurts to even get out of bed?


I always get up. That sounds so easy but you and I know it's not. I get up and exercise and tell myself just one thing at a time. You didn't tell me if you were on medication and if you have a doctor. More importantly, do you have family that you can lean on?

I read all I can on my condition and there was one thing I read that really stuck with me. I hope it helps. Remember depression lies, there is always light. It may take awhile to get there but you will get there.

Please let me know how you are doing and if you feel up to it give me a little more info on you.



Mornings are the worst for me as well. Seems that I have figured that if I just get up and get going things get better. And they usually do. So I always have that hope.


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