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Back in June 2016 I was diagnosed with anxiety & depression by my GP, she prescribed anti-depressants & a course of CBT which seemed to help. In November I thought I was feeling better so decided to take myself off my tablets & discharge myself from my therapy group- BIG MISTAKE!!! Although I felt 'better' I clearly was not! As the days & weeks have gone on I have started to feel the symptoms rearing their ugly heads again & now it's gotten to the stage where I don't want to go anywhere, see anyone & my main thing; feeling insecure; I instantly fear the worst in all situations & worry about every little thing. It's truly ruining my relationship & my life.

I feel like I should go back to my GP but all my friends say when I try to take to the about it is 'pull yourself together' or 'just cheer up' which makes me think I'm just blowing everything out of proportion & im wasting the doctors time.

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I don't get it. You were diagnosed with anxiety and depression and were successfully treated. You felt better so you stopped the treatment that helped you recover. Now you've slipped back into trouble and you wonder what to do? Did your friends' advice help you the 1st time or did the Dr's. advice help you? Go with the one that helped you the 1st time and you'll be fine. And don't make the mistake of stopping your successful treatment this time. Stay with your treatment plan that works!

The plan that worked for you works for me and 100s of thousands of others. There's no way you could get me to stop my counseling appointments or seeing my psychiatrist and taking my meds. I'm not foolish and I'm not changing what works. I have been foolish in the past and I've learned my lesson. I'm happy and content to follow my treatment plan just as it is. I wish you great success and happiness.



You are not just blowing things out of proportion. Your feelings are real and you need some help to deal with them. Be kind to yourself and go back to your doctor. Good luck!


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