I use to have panic attacks every night im now on citalopram I've been on since July I was doing better for awhile but recently I feel like it's not really working as well as it was... I really don't want to go back to how I was I'm scared to go back to that... Has anyone ever had this problem before? Has medication stopped working for you after a few months?

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  • Hi Katt,

    That's great you sought help for your anxiety. I'm not sure who prescribes your medication but I would suggest making an appointment. It is likely that your dose might need to be adjusted especially if this is the first time you've taken it. If you received your prescription from your primary care doctor, you might want to see a psychiatrist who will usually check in regularly when on medication to ensure it's working effectively and you have no side effects.

    Good luck! Just check in with your doctor for med evaluation.

  • Thank you I'm actually on the the max dosage (40mg) of my medication

  • If you are on your max dose then again, checking in with a doctor is important. Depression and anxiety often require more than one med to adequately manage. As well as learning some relaxation methods and meditation. Maintaining a relationship with your therapist is a key component to staying on track.

  • There are theories that you can habituate to a medication after being on it for years. Months seems too soon. Maybe you need a dosage increase or to add a medication. I would contact your doctor and let him/her know that you feel it is not as effective as it was before.

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