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Applying for jobs. Any suggestions for low stress work?


I need to start working again, does anyone have any recommendations for jobs I could apply to that would be low stress and/or low in customer interaction. I’m looking for part-time right now but I’ll also take full time depending on the job. There is a grocery store near my house hiring and I was thinking of working in their online department or the night crew. If any one has experience working in these roles I’d love some feed back on what it’s like. I don’t really feel ready mentally to get back to work, but I am struggling financially and I need to at least be working part-time. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced.

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I’m still pretty anxious about going out looking for work... any support would be greatly appreciated.


I worked at an animal hospital and it was fun and rewarding. Just a thought.

imasleep123 in reply to Hidden

Thank you I’m open to all suggestions! What kind of skills are needed to work in an animal hospital?

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Well I was a nurse for people then but it was all new to me. You could be trained.

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Thanks for tip! 👍🙂

I feel the same way. I stop working after June this year and I stayed at home feeling useless Everyday with no money income. And yet my depression is stopping me to find a job. Recently I’m considering to find a part time job maybe, cashier? As you prefer less customer interaction, how about part time admin?

imasleep123 in reply to Greygal

Yeah I was also considering cashiering part-time as well. I think cashiering is mostly low stress except when you get the occasional moody customer. But yeah I’d prefer something without customer interaction. I know when I worked as a dishwasher before that was pretty low stress and low interaction. Have you ever worked as an admin before?

Greygal in reply to imasleep123

The good thing about part time admin is that you can have a fix work schedule and it is pretty easy but the job scope might be quite widely range, the employer might need you to do data entry, answering phone calls, filing, do some excel sheets, ordering pantry or stationary supplies etc

Apply to be a retail merchandiser. You go on your set route & stock shelves. Don't have to talk to a soul if you don't want to.😉

I'm also thinking of a part time job but I haven't worked in 3 years. I'm on disability so I do have benefits that pay for my meds, eye care, dentist. It also covers my rent and cost of living which is minimal but it allows me to buy groceries, bus pass and phone.

They also offer different employment centers where I'll be assigned a employment counselor geared to those of us that have mental health issues. They will help with the job search and the dialogue for telling a possible employer why I've been out of the workforce for 3 years.

I'm looking forward to getting out for a few hours a few days a week. I'm hoping to find a receptionist job in the afternoon/evenings. I'm in Canada where mental illness is now recognized as a disability, where do you live?



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