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Passing the test

Just back from 9 day cruise, and was a little concerned as I watched the shore line disappear out of sight....I stayed occupied with as much as I could.....I think it is good to stay focused on something other than yourself and your worries. I took 1mg of ativan per day and all was Good. No panic, but had to work on it..step out and try something, pass or fail you are making progress...

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You make good sense. How did the cruise go? I'm not sure if you had a question in there.


Cruise was great...there were times that I had to get mad at myself and give myself a pep talk. I am ok, I will make it. I hope everyone will take a shot at living outside of the fear box now and then. You are going to het better. It will take time and perseverance but any small step is positive.

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I agree with you. I believe distraction is a very good thing to focus us away from anxiety and lower our anxiety levels. Distraction and physical exertion. I'm fortunate to have dropped my clonazepam from 4 mg per day to 1 mg per day in the last year. I have almost no anxiety at all and I have GAD.


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