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Missing Uni lectures and practicles

Missing Uni lectures and practicles

Hi. I am a noob\new here :P.

I am skipping nearly my entire units in the university. I attend exams and a lot mandetory stuff, but keep things to a minimum. I have acceptable ish grades and try my loose track of my university work. This is the routine for 3 years now. I can't concentrate in lecture rooms, unless I have a seat very far at the back with no one behind me. I also need to walk 30 minutes to the campus, which would be a great exercise if I would do it daily.

I have house mates, I appreciate from time to time to talk a few sentences with a day and one friend I meet up a couple of times a month. I like him because he is odd compared to others. Just like me. He just doesn't care or knows it.

I am lucky to be the proud owner of a car. This allowes me to arrange shopping trips with my house mates, without explicitly telling them I don't want to go shopping alone.

I hate going shopping alone and often have the feeling acting like a robot. This behavior is triggered in known situations where my motor skills are beeing observed. My vision and my attention span is affected in those situations as well :( If I am really nervouse. I do most things with one hand, while the other hangs down doing nothing. Thankfully nobody filmed that yet . The shop keepers tend to remember me where ever I go though. Like a lot of students. I overhear them sometimes talking about me. Often they don't even try to hide it :( Some what to see a reaction.

On the brigther side of my life is my true passion. Programming. It is something I enjoy and can't explain why. Later during my industrial placement. I realized that I was exceptionally good. Compared with people at work.

This made me more passionate and motivated me to become better. I read up on posts about best practices and tried my best not to be a hypocrite. When critesing the terrible quality of work some people left behind on projects. To be fair some things were really terrible. Most likely as bad as my writing skills compared to english teachers.

The reason why I am writing all of this is, because I enjoy it. I know I am proud of my unique character. I just don't know how to stop caring about what others think.

That makes beeing a psychopath appealing.

Puppy picture as the reward for anyone enduring my terrible english.

Ok This is seriousely insulting. I have shared a significant aspect of my life and my thoughs and somehow this post got a suggested tag for Munchausen's syndrome?

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This is a strange post. You skip classes and think your grades may be passing? How do you know when to show up for the right tests? To hand in the right homework or projects? You have an air of superiority about this all. Why did you get tagged for Munchausen's and M.'s by proxy? Possibly because of this attitude of being better than everyone else, I don't know. Why did you come here to post your story? Possibly to find an audience to brag to? How does being a psychopath become appealing? Oh, yes, because then you wouldn't care about other people's opinions about yourself. Well, I guess you'll just have to work on that.


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