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Just wanted to say hi !!

55 yr old male that has suffered with anxiety for most of my life it seems. Currently take 20mg of Lexapro. But of course it doesn't help when it really hits the fan. Have loving wife that is truly a God send. Compassion is her middle name. My son also has this condition. We communicate about it all the time. I think it helps for him to have someone that truly understands.

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Your son is lucky to have you. I know my son who has depression and anxiety like mine is glad he has me to talk to. And thank goodness for your understanding wife!! Your 20 mg of Lexapro isn't a very high dose and you indicate it doesn't always cover your needs. Have you considered discussing that with your prescribing doctor? I prefer having my meds cover my anxiety and depression at all times and I wonder if that's possible for you. I wish you and your family all the best of health in this coming year!!

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Do you take Lexapro? What dosage level do you take? Or are you saying that no matter what I'm taking it should cover me at all times?

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I'm saying that whatever you take it should cover you at all times. In the very beginning that may not be possible because you haven't settled down, but once you settle into a calmer routine, you should be able to be covered by your meds at all times IMHO.

When I took Lexapro it covered my depression once we got it to the correct dose. I also was on Tranxene/clorazepate for my GAD---generalized anxiety disorder. I was covered at all times for both my anxiety and depression once we got the right doses of each medicine. I can't remember the amount of Lexapro I took, it's too long ago.

I wish both you and your son the best of health and the correct meds in the correct doses.


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