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Bedtime routines?

Does anyone have any good bedtime routines that help minimize your anxiety? I tend to feel it most then, and sometimes say my most anxious thoughts to my husband...but then he doesn't get any sleep because of them.

Any ideas for how I can still express my anxieties in a healthy way but also let us both get some sleep?

I already take medication for nightmares, which works, but it doesn't put me to sleep (it just keeps me physically relaxed).

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I find keeping a night time journal can help. Write down everything that could be causing you anxiety to sort of empty your brain of these thoughts. Then you may be able to get a more restful sleep. I also find lavender oils help too


I've done yoga a few times and that sometimes gets me in a really good mindset for going to bed. What's nice is that it gives you a chance to clear your head and also let go of any worries.

Sometimes if I'm feeling really antsy I'll do some random exercises (squats, push ups etc.) and that can help too.

Hope this helps!!!


Thank you, both! I appreciate your answers. I have some lavender oil in my bedside drawer but always forget it's there. Time to graduate it to being on top of the table now, maybe. Same with my journal too. Yoga sounds like a great idea too! Thanks again!


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