Is there a way to manage depression gracefully and with humor?

Does anyone think it is possible to have a sense of humor about your depression and anxiety - with other people who experience the same. We find humor in growing older. Is it possible to experience depression as a thing that just exists as part of our lives and try to learn to manage it gracefully and with a little humor? For example, today I am actually happy - because Christmas is OVER!

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  • Definitely! While it's good to aware of other people's sensitivities too, humor is a powerful healing tool that has helped me deal with a lot of my own anxiety. Never be afraid to embrace it!

  • Yeah! I missed a lot of Christmas because of another suicide attempt by hubbie - but nothing was better than waking up on Dec 26th - even if I was still trying to do cards and baking. It's better without the pressure. I like your humorous approach!

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