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switch meds?

I've had anxiety for over 15 years. I used to take Zoloft but have been on Prozac for about the last six years. I have an appointment next month to discuss whether I should change my med since I feel like it's not working to its full effect anymore. I'm scared and nervous about switching because of the withdrawal effects and simply because the new med might not work. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks in advance

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I tapered off zoloft. Sertraline here in UK as it wasn't working for me at all and that was from 200mg daily downwards. I did it fairly easily and then went onto Mirtazapine.

It's so easy to worry about things but if the Prozac isn't working it's worth trying a new one. And you might feel better sooner than you think.

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I have gone off and on a few different meds. You just have to do it right and there shouldn't be any withdrawals. The dr will probably have you slowly decrease the current med then slowly increase the new med.


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