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Have no motivation to do much of anything...the only reason I do get up when my kids are home is because I know I have to for them! I have only my 2 tots living with me permanently but my older 2 children love with family in another state (due to being young mother making a selfless decision for there well being). I am currently in a rollercoaster dare I believe it is or even was a relationship! People should always say you always love the person who helped give your children life.....well hmmm I feel you don't have to. I am currently working...well not at this moment because well my anxiety and depression for the best of me for the trillionth time. I am planning to leave my tots father and finding peace for myself so I can give my children peace of their own. I am an always there and always doing mother. I never let my depression or anxiety get the better of me with my children in my care. They don't deserve to have their mother not doing as a mother should. That is one thing that I can be happy and proud of myself for I don't ever let it get to a point that I can not take care of my children. I find or I found that even though I don't take care of myself fully it's not so unusual for a mother of two toddlers. So that's my introduction for now I am hoping that in the future this will help them since therapy medications and all that hasn't really helped much. Maybe it's because I'm not a routine type of person for some things. Maybe somebody can point something out to me on where to start with a routine. Finding health is truly hard when you yourself feel like a big cloud of what do I do? Thank you in advance.

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  • You're saying you know you're not taking care of yourself fully and I agree that this is common for a mother of two toddlers. What are you leaving out or not doing that makes you think you're not taking care of yourself???Maybe what you should do is start there and do the things you feel you are lacking. It sounds like you may already know.

  • kinikia95, Thank you For responding. Yes I pretty much know the things I need to do...much of it is doing things that bring happiness. Examples..listening to music...being pampered....take long baths...get a makeover....just finding time to just enjoy life outside of taking care of my children is the hard part. Don't get me wrong I am very happy to interact with my kids and see the joy in their faces and how they have this look of unconditional love on their adorable faces....they are my world! I'm just in this rut of time management for myself....I'm figuring it out.

  • I do not get you wrong, I know it's possible to love your children, be a great mom, and still feel lacking in life. You asked what should you do and I just pointed out that you already know. I believe a lot of us know what we need to do but if you're like me you don't do it. I wanted to remind you. I'm sure you've heard it before but mothers tend to take care of everyone else except themselves, it does them harm, and you have to take care of yourself first before you can be of any good to your family. Sometimes we need to hear that reinforcement that it's ok to take care of yourself. I'm sure in your situation that time management is a huge problem but you have to take a few minutes every day to take care of you.

  • 🌝 Thank You!

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