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Hi, I am a new member. Single of mother of three. Divorced for four years now. In a relationship with a wonderful, kind man. I have suffered with depression for over 20 years. Recently, my anxiety has kicked in. I have been taking Prozac (40 mg a day) for nearly 20 years now. Prozac takes my feelings away. I can't cry or feel great joy. When I was very depressed; before Prozac, I would cry all the time. I do appreciate not crying all the time but would like to be able to cry. My mother and brother passed away in the last year from cancer and I couldn't now cry. I felt sadness but no tears released. The anxiety is a new thing. I seemed to get very upset with "stupid people" or driving in traffic. I get anxious when I go into a store or when I attend a meeting or when I leave the house. I notice I am literally shaking and feel like I am going out of my mind. The depression has been hitting lately too. Maybe due to the holidays. One small thing will trigger me off and I will spend the whole weekend in my bedroom. I LOVE SLEEP. This is the only time I am not constantly battling with my inner self. I have been in therapy on/off for years. Just recently started up again. My therapist recommended that I have a psych. eval. completed. I just don't have the energy to find a doctor. I have an appointment with a new psychologist to review everything at the end of January. I am thinking it is time to review everything with him with the hopes of him helping me feel better. Depression is never fun. Anxiety feels awful. Waiting patiently for my appointment....Jeannie

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Hi Jeannie. It may be time to change your med. I have found in the past that after years on one SSRI it loses its effectiveness for me and I am much better on a different one. That happened to me on Prozac. Best wishes.

Sleep is the great escape. I know what you mean. I think I need to accept that I will need meds besides talk therapy. It's all in the wiring....than add on stressors of daily life. Such a struggle.

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