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I have suffered from anxiety, depression, and panic attacks since I was about ten. I am now 25. It is the worst when I am going through a change (even positive changes). I am on medication and go to therapy. I even was in an outpatient program for a few weeks in September that helped immensely. I am looking for any advise on coping strategies for when I am having severe anxiety and panic attacks. I refuse to let these diagnoses control my life, and debilitate me, however that is easier said than done. I like to read so any good books you have read on the topic, I would love to hear about.

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  • Deep breathing. mindfulness

  • Deep breathing . mindfulness

  • Thanks for the suggestions, I am trying to use both. Mindfulness is difficult for me but I kee trying.

  • Hey! Just thought I would leave you some ways I deal with my anxiety! I like to paint/water color. I totally suck but it gets my mind off of what's going on and onto what I'm doing right then and there. I also doodle, do puzzles, I diffuse essential oils, and just last year I bought myself a puppy. She's my best friend and my little ball of stress relief. Everyone is different but you'll find your different things!

  • Thanks! I have tried doing the adult coloring books which is good for mindless distraction. I also have a pup :) usually these things work for a few minutes but then I start thinking and getting anxious again.

  • Durning panic attacks, have you tried the advice of Dr. Dave Carbonell? When you exhibit signs of panic, it's useful to ask yourself "am I in danger or discomfort?" It really does help your brain determine whether or not you should continue to panic. Also when my thoughts won't stop racing, I play a game on my phone for a few minutes-- distracts my brain and lets me calm down.

  • Thanks! Mantras and distractions have helped me at times as well

  • My relaxation is music when I have anxiety. I put my headphones in my phone and play my special playlist. I walk around with it in the house and dance and sing and my mood is much better!!

  • If you sing it helps keep your breathing regulated. Showers are also good because of the rhythmic sound of the water. If u have a massaging shower head that helps as well. Exercise is good because of the hormones it releases aren't compatible with anxiety. I also like to color because if you try u can focus on it and the colors that u want to use. I find it helpful to talk to my sister or husband. Well, they listen to me ramble and then try to make me laugh. I also like to try to stay busy as it doesn't allow for intrusive thoughts. Since everyone is different all I can give you are suggestions. There is no clear cut answer which seems to be normal with anxiety. Keep hope and try different techniques more then once. Few things work on the first try.

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