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Coping With Anxiety


Hi, I’m Madysen. I’m 19 years old and I live with bipolar II, General Anxiety Disorder and Severe Chronic Depression. I am new here and am looking for support on coping skills for anxiety / panic attacks. Today is the first day I haven’t had one in 3 weeks. I usually have 2-4 a day , even at work , which is a issue. Does any one have any advice on how to cope with these attacks? Thank you.

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I recommend the book "Hope and Help for Your Nerves" by Dr. Claire Weekes. You can get it on Amazon. She wrote several other books on the same subject. You will learn what goes on during a panic attack, and how you can begin to deal with them more and more effectively.

I find writing when you feel like a panic attack is coming on to be coming on. And if you're not able to do that, jot down what was going on right before you have it. Try finding specific triggers, for me writing helped me see what was causing it.

Something else that helps me is listening to soft music and drawing simple things that require little brain power but allows you to be enveloped in the drawing, helping you calm down.

I hope this helps! You're not alone

Treating the severe chronic depression should be your first priority! The Anxiety feeds off that. I thought for over 20 years that my Anxiety disorder was the main mental problem that I had. It wasn't until I went to a specialist in Depression that I learned my Major Depressive Disorder was the main problem and the GAD was the underlying problem. Go ahead and try all the things suggested by others but, if you still have intermediate to severe problems with GAD you need to find a specialist who uses technology like TMS or VNS or even ECT. I hope it doesn't get to that stage for you but, if your day to day function is being effected to a point of not being able to get out of bed or get things done you may need to seek out Doctors in the areas I spoke of. Good luck.

I offer u develop computer program. It provide get far from you other things and makes weak step by step connection between neurons which couse of anxiety.

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