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Travelling with a med arsenal

Hi folks I am new here. Have been suffering from anxiety and some kind of depression my whole life.

Usually I am stuck home because I do not want to carry my meds around. They include Rivatril and Serotonin plus Tramadol (for fibro pain, but it also eases my depression). I would like to travel but I find it extremely difficult to figure out how much meds I need with me. I also need a permit to take CNS drugs with me in order not to get in trouble with the customs.

Anyone in the same awkward situation??? Travelling with these kind of meds?? Thanks a lot!

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As long as you have them in the bottle from the pharmacy with your name on it then you are fine. Many meds work with the central nervous system, they are not illegal you can carry them with you and even in your purse everyday, everywhere you go. Maybe you are confusing the term with 'controlled' medications?

I've gone out of the country and come back through customs and had no troubles. They are yours and as long as you have a normal supply, like one month's worth there should be no problem. If you want to feel more comfortable call the customs office at your airport, if there is such a number for the public to call? Maybe simply calling the airline you would be using or any airline for that matter. For sure they can inform you of the rules and of course the law pertaining to traveling .

Good luck I do believe you will be fine taking your medications with you just so they're in the dispensed container.

Bye... Have a nice day!!! :)

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Thank you cathypcat! I think I´ll need a certificate from the pharmacy when I travel to certain countries. I think SSRI´s are normal meds, but tranquilizers and opioids can be a problem if caught at the customs, even with the original labels and all.

I think the main problem is in my head -I feel kinda guilty carrying and using those meds even if I do it with a doctors prescription. Tramadol is the one I want to get rid of, but easier said than done!

Nice days to you, too!

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Thanks for getting back to me! I went to Jamaica and brought my medications they consisted of Synthroid. Effexor xr, Xanax and a narcotic/type of opioid. I brought only what I would need for my trip just in case my purse got stolen. You see I do not put my meds in luggage I check in, only put them in my carry-on bag or my purse. You are correct, it's always good to err on the side of caution. Have a safe and wonderful trip wherever you may go! <3 :)

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