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Hemp Seeds or Hemp Seed Oil (Cannabis)


For the past week or so my legs have been killing me! I'm reluctantly increasing my Amitriptyline and I asked my Neurologist about Sativex and they said there is no way I could have it because it is only approved for MS, I've been reading about Cannabis and Hemp seeds and it looks very promising, I know it's illegal but the Hemp seeds are not, Health shops sell Hemp Oil and shelled seeds, I'm going to give them a try?

Has anyone tried them? this is the info from seeds on ebay: 261160852996

Shelled Hemp 225g


Linwoods Shelled Hemp contains all the essential amino acids that our bodies need but cannot make. These amino acids are the building blocks of Protein and are important for the growth of muscles and skin.

Hemp is a complete Protein in itself with 10.5g of Protein per 30g/1oz serving. A great alternative Protein source to supplement any diet.


Iron can sometimes be a difficult mineral to obtain, particularly on a restricted diet or for vegans and vegetarians; however, many of the Linwoods nutritious Superfoods provide a natural source of Iron. Iron supports oxygen transport around the body and the reproduction of red blood cells. When we are low in Iron we are low in energy, but as Hemp has 21% of your Recommended Daily&;Amount (RDA) in just two heaped dessert spoonfuls (30g/1oz), adding Hemp to any meal at any time of the day ensures you are including this valuable mineral in your diet.


Magnesium supports healthy bones, muscles and nerve function and energy metabolism. One serving (30g/1oz) provides 39% of your RDA. Magnesium is also required to assist the body in absorbing Calcium and is an essential mineral in our diet

Shelled Hemp 225g

A daily 30g serving provides:

10.5g of Protein per serving

2.4g of Omega 3

8.6g of Omega 6

1.7g of Omega 9

Excellent source of Magnesium

Good source of Iron

30g serving = 2 heaped dessert spoonfuls

*RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance


100% Shelled Hemp

Here's a interesting video:



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I will ask about the Sativex issue. As for Hemp Seed and Oil, the oil is now sold as a healthy alternative to olive oil. It's supported to be high in Omega-3 and thus good for the heart and arteries. I use it from time to time as a salad oil. I can't say if it's helping the legs. I don't take enough to make much difference.

Sorry you are suffering with the legs.



Hi Steven,

I have tried Sativex twice and posted a report on 12th June 2011 and again during 2012.

I also gave a verbal report at the 2011 AMN day at the Hilton Hotel; in London.

In order to try it I got a private prescription and paid for it. Basically I found that for me it did not work, gave unpleasant side-effects and no benefit. I understand now that it's benefit for MS patiernts is also being questioned.

You may also recall that at AMN day 2012 in Birmingham Dr Nathalie Cartier said that in her opinion MS remedies do not work for AMN patients.

For all these reasons I wouldn't recommend pursuing the idea.

Best wishes, Geoff


Some more comments on this Sativex discussion. First, in the UK, it’s true that it is only prescribed for MS under free NHS provision rules. It’s likewise not prescribed in the US, although it is in Canada and Israel. See

Second, the possible side effects experienced by Geoff are known and stated by GW Pharma – see

Third, Geoff’s experience is only one person’s experience. As Geoff noted in his earlier post, other patients may experience some benefit – although he did not.

Because it’s not free in the UK, it’s probably not worth trying it unless you are able to fund the dosage costs it may require. GW Pharma (the company making Sativex) says that the average daily cost, based on 4 sprays a day is £5.50

I am interested if any AMN-ers world-wide may have tried to use it.

Information about Sativex is available at and a special web site for UK patients and medical professionals is at

Geoff also refers to recent information that its benefit for MS patients is being questioned. This article may relate to that:

GW published this rebuttal of the findings which is also worth reading

Regarding Geoff’s comments that Dr Nathalie Cartier had said that in her opinion MS remedies don’t work for AMN patients, I think that her statement could use some clarification. Would she include all anti-spasticity drugs in that claim? The fact is that AMN patients only have MS drugs for anti-spasticity to fall back on. And although some people don’t get benefit from drugs like Baclofen, many do, as we know.

All of this is pretty confusing for AMN patients like us.Anti-spasticity drugs don't work for everyone but right now they may be the best thing available. Regarding GW Pharma, I have met the chief scientist two or three times, and can say that he seems to be a genuine person who really believes in the long-term potential for cannibinoid pharmaceuticals.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for this information.

Best wishes



Hi Chris, Geoff,

Thanks for your replies,



Hi Steve

I tried hemp oil for about 6 months and didn't notice any difference. I just took the dosage that was recommended on the label.