Fish oil (DHA) + Lorenzo's oil

This is very interesting, read this carefully, especially the conclusion.

I've pasted it below...

In conclusion: it was confirmed that supplementation with DHA, in addition to LO and treatment with a cholesterol lowering drug, atorvastatin, increased DHA levels in plasma and RBC of the AMN patient. These increased DHA levels may exert a neuro-protective effect by a negative feedback mechanism, leading to an increase in EPA. In turn, EPA and DHA are incorporated into inflammatory cell phospholipids, partly at the expense of AA, exerting an anti-inflammatory effect [20]. Sing and Pujol also suggested that treatment strategies should be developed for the inflammatory, metabolic and oxidative stress disease aspects of X-ALD [21]. Supplementation with DHA, is therefore strongly recommended in patients with X-ALD patients, due to the important role of DHA in brain development and myelination and the feedback mechanism which may cause a neuro-protective and anti-inflammatory effect.

I'm reconsidering LO, or Mustard oil at least.

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  • Forgot to paste the link, here we go...

  • I have been using DHA (fish oil) for quite a while just for mood...and I swear it helps there. I have worried that it goes against the "low fat" recommendations with ALD, so I am glad to see with this study that I am at least not doing any harm! (I know about the different "types" of fat, but still was concerned).

  • Mustard oil won't invalidate insurance like LO does, at least in the U.S.

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