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Cranial Electro Stimulation (CES)


I think I posted about this before.

Cranial Electro Stimulation (CES) is the business of passing an extremely low ampere electrical current through your brain.

Do not confuse it with Electro Shock Therapy.

There is 30+ years of research into CES, with no adverse effects.

Most research is directed at depression. Have a read:

For pain:

CES is a FDA licenced treatment in the USA.

You can buy commercial devices:

Check the prices, no thanks.

See the link below, I built this one about seven years ago:

Electrodes clipped to my ears.

Makes you feel slightly stoned when it is switched on, then when you finish, a lovely relaxed feeling.

I built it out of curiosity, I first read bout CES 20 years ago, in the pre-Internet days. Had no idea where to buy or build one.

CES was popularised by Bob Beck.

Bob was a big fan of electrifying your brain/blood; sending magnetic pulses through your spine; ozonating water; colloidal silver; et al.

Dr Bob Beck (not a medical doctor), claimed a 100% cure for AIDS. Best of luck with that, Bob.

Was nominated for a Nobel prize (by a Mexican hospital).

He was a proponent of the "Evil drug companies suppressing research, keeping us sick, just wanting to milk us for cash" theory.

Either a quack, or a man ahead of his time.

Thing is, the electronics behind these things is so simple. The above pic I have just built.

Feels lovely when it is switched on, hardly noticable. Four well researched frequencies delivered at the same time. Afterwards, feels blissful.

This is not fringe science:

Real doctors this time.

And, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton and Pete Townsend all used CES to get off Heroin.

I'll finally get to the point, I got back into it to see if it would help my spasms, spasticity and neuropathy.

These things are so subjective, but I feel wonderful. Spasticity is dialed right down, and the spasms. Though, these come and go in waves.

I plan to use it religiously before bed for a month to see if I can get off to sleep without Gabapentin and Clonazepam.

Finally, Bob Beck was a proponent of PEMFT, that's Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

Instead of sending a harsh TENS electrical current into your muscle, PEMFT sends an electromagnetic field into your muscle (or brain, or spine).

Whereas TENS hurts, and doesn't penetrate very far, electromagnetism powers straight in. Extremely weak magnetism.

See my TENS post here:

Again, not fringe science. Proven to speed up tissue and bone healing.

Try this scientific study (for Parkinson's Disease)

"PEMF therapy improves PD symptoms including tremor, slowness of movement and difficulty in walking . It is non-invasive, safe and improves PD patients’ quality of life"

Nice, I'll buy that.

Again, FDA approved. You can buy mattresses/yoga mats/pillows with PEMFT coils built in.

I built one, but I ordered the coil off the Internet. I'll report back.

I used to watch movies of chronically sick people turning to these esoteric therapies in a drastic effort to get well. Now I am here.

That all, folks.

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Monkeybus, I love reading your posts! You and I think alike in many ways and I wish we could just sit and chat and brainstorm!

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Thank you very much, tieaknot.

Do any of us meet in real life? Probably. When is the next AMN seminar-type thing?