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Botox injections in legs

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Hello all, I hope you are well. This week I saw a neuro-rehabilitation specialist in Seattle for the first time. She wasn't able to give me any new recommendations for pain management, but she recommended botox injections in my leg muscles for spasticity. She said that the botox should be able to reduce leg spasms or myoclonic jerks, without jeopardizing my ability to walk.

Has anyone had this done? In what parts of your legs/feet? I'm not opposed to trying it, but I am a little concerned that it could make my mobility worse. She also recommended that I try leg braces, which I'm absolutely not opposed to trying. Thanks for your input!

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I did 4 rounds. Didn’t notice much of difference.

Hello Aaron,

My spasticity specialist, who does do Botox injections, recommended an AFO, which I have but haven't used, and through the gate analysis they determined that this would help on one leg, that locks with each step currently, and a knee brace for the other leg which locks when I stand still. But he didn't think I needed the Botox because my general spasticity isn't too bad, fortunately for me. My mother, who the defective gene came from, had to have Botox injections following her second knee replacement because her leg spasms were so bad they pulled the knee out of joint. But, from what I saw, the Botox had not very nice side effects and didn't do what it was supposed to. This was back in the 90's though so things are a lot more advanced now! Of course everyone's experience with it is going to be different, and if the Doctor doesn't get the shot in the right place it won't work. I just thought I would let you know my thoughts.

Be well and have a great weekend!


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Aaron98 in reply to easygoin1

What kind of side effects did your mother experience, Jeff? Thanks!

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Never heard of Botox injections before. I do wear an AFO as my left leg is affected, which has made a positive difference.

I had Botox in both legs nearly 10 years ago and it definitely wasn't for me. It made my legs very weak and it took about 6 months before I felt better. I have used use FES here in UK for 9 years. It has helped my walking and initially some of my back pain which was due to the bad way I was walking. Unfortunately it has stopped helping my back pain now but still helps lift my feet so I don't trip as much as I would.

I take Lyrica at night but am unable to take it during the day due to the side effects so I haven't found anything that relieves the pain as yet.

had it done once, wasn't helpful. The cool thing is there is very little downside in trying

I did two rounds of injections and it didn’t work. The neurologist said if it doesn’t work straight away it will not work.

I know there are at least three types of commercially available Botox. A, B, and I presume C, etc.

And they are different. Different molecular size. I can only guess that they affect the muscles in different ways.

Is the majority of commercially available Botox used for cosmetic purposes? Is that the sort that we generally get pumped into our legs?

If one of us gets an ineffective or over effective type of Botox, does this mean a different type could be more effective?

Has there been any clinical trials comparing all the currently available forms of Botox for leg spasticity?

Botox is on my list of treatments to try. Mostly for muscle spasms if nothing else.

Like has been said on this thread, it takes a properly trained botox-person to hit just the right set of muscles. I've yet to track one down.


Seven types, BTX-A to BTX-G.

"there are some differences about their potency, duration of effect and intracellular protein targets".

I had this done twice! The first time they injected 100 CC's into each leg. It works for about 3 weeks and 1800 owed after insurance, I was in a little shock. I went to a different doctor at a pain management place in Grand Rapids, MI. She did 100 CC's per legs again and I stressed to them I had no money to pay them for the services.. They told me no no it is all going to be covered.. To say the least, it was not covered, I had zero relief and another 2000.00 dollar bill.. If your insurance is going to pay for it or if your deductible is covered then I would for surely try this, as it helped me for 3 weeks or so..

The other issue is that insurance only allows you to go in every 3 months or something I can't remember..

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Aaron98 in reply to mvruggink

When you say that it worked for about three weeks, what exactly do you mean? Did it help with leg spasms? Thanks!

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mvruggink in reply to Aaron98

I could go up and down the stairs with no issues at all! and it was like nothing ever happened..

Although just remember insurance only covers this every 3 months.. So to me having 3 weeks or soo of relief wasn't really worth 2,000 dollars, because I couldn't go back every three weeks for more because all insurance plans will not cover it.. then it is over 5,000 every time..


Thanks for all the replies, everyone! For those of you who mentioned that it made your legs weaker, could you please elaborate on this? Were you still able to stand and walk, or did it dramatically affect mobility?

At this point, I think I'm willing to give it a try. I just hope that it doesn't make my leg muscles weaker than they already are. I cannot afford to have significantly worse mobility for a few weeks or months (or however long until it wears off).

I also wanted to ask, was it helpful for pain? Or does it really just help with spasticity?

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Aaron98 in reply to Aaron98

Anyone mind giving a little elaboration? Thanks very much!

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JasonHarnum in reply to Aaron98

Hey Aaron, the idea is to relax the muscles. Not about making them dead. .give it a try

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Aaron98 in reply to JasonHarnum

I think I'm going to, Jason. I just got insurance approval yesterday.

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JasonHarnum in reply to Aaron98

Awesome! Let us know how it goes :)

Hi Aaron

I could stand but it relaxed my muscles too much. I only had 50cc in each leg. I was walking with 1 stick at the time but it greatly reduced my walking distance and made me very fatigued.

Good Luck and let us know how you get on.

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Aaron98 in reply to Cherie

Thank you for the reply, Cherie. I am scheduled to get the injections on Friday of this week. I'm a little nervous, just because of what has been mentioned here about leg weakness afterwards. Hopefully it will not be too bad.

Were you able to drive your car fine after the injections?

Yes I was. Good Luck.

My neurologist said it wouldn’t be safe to give enough Botox in my legs to be able to help.

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