Spinal injection

I can't find the post that we were talking about back pain. I was commenting how bad mine was I was going to get an injection. I did on Friday in my sacroiliac on the left side and WOW no more pain. I dropped my car key in the parking lot yesterday (Saturday) and wasn't sure how I was going to pick it up because the previous pain was that bad. I bent over to grab my key and stood right up no problem and no pain! It was amazing. I feel good again.

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Awesome to hear! Your keys are happy too. :)

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It was here!

Glad to hear it worked for you!

How long does it last? I will not be going this route at this time, but I was wondering what side effects there may be?


I really don't think there are side effects except maybe the cortisone could effect people. The length of relief varies also. I know just for example my mom was going to have to have surgery due to back pain and with only a 50% success rate she opted to get an injection in a back disc. That was 2 years ago and she hasn't had any pain since then. She just turned 70, works full time, travels and does a majority of her yard work herself. She had a series of 3 injections.


Glad to hear! Any relief is priceless. I would like to know how long it last. Please keep us informed. Good luck!



It's been a year how did the injection hold up....considering this route for hubby.


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