Cambridge scientist Dr Su Metcalfe awarded £150k for ground-breaking MS trials

This is for MS but is obviously of interest to AMN patients. I receive these using Google alerts.

What is interesting is the potential use of nanoparticles to stimulate remylination.

"Dr Su Metcalfe, a University of Cambridge senior research associate based at Addenbrooke’s, has won a £150,000 award which will enable her team to proceed to pre-clinical trials in Nanotechnology.

The award is one of only five given out this year worldwide from major pharmaceutical company, Merck Serono, and the first to a UK scientist.

The technology developed for treatment of MS - an incurable autoimmune disease that attacks the central nervous system - by Dr Metcalfe uses tiny ‘smart’ nanoparticles that act as magic bullets to deliver powerful factors known to increase repair of damaged myelin. The key factor is “LIF”, a stem cell protein."


It's exiting because there is clearly some advanced work going on that could (one-day) help everyone dealing with myelin-related illnesses.

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  • Wonderful, hopeful, news! Maybe there's a light at the end of that proverbial tunnel?


  • Are there any trials starting up for this in the US?

  • The web site says that there should be clinical trials starting in the 3 to 5 year time frame. It's possible for these to be in more than one country but this may not happen because they are probably more difficult to manage that way.

    Best simply to stay tuned to the site and also use Google Alerts.

  • I am google illiterate. what would I type in to get alerts on this?

  • Sure, no problem.

    Go to the Google Alerts page

    Enter your email address and the word or phrase you are interested in. For example "myelin" or "mylin repair". Anything you want. Google will then send you messages (alerts) whenever it sees that word or phrase anywhere in the world.


    I don't think you need a Google account although that will enable you to manage them.

    (Tell me if you need more assistance)


  • Would I put US in replacement of uk to get alerts within the US?

  • No sorry, use instead

  • This is great news, as i am more interested in repairing the damage already done than a cure (which would still leave me with the former damage). I'm ready to sign up!

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