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Would like an opinion on how I’m doing.

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Would like an opinion on how I’m doing. Will be seeing doctor end of next week.

November 2019 PSA 48

January 2020 Bone Scan Mets to pelvic lymph nodes

February 2020 Biopsy Gleason 4+5=9

May 2020 PSA 53Began 18mths ADT three 6/mth Lupron shots Bicalutamide 1 50mg tab/day

July 2020 45 EBRT txs 80Gy

November 2020 First Testosterone lab <2.5(no Free done) PSA .01

November 2021 Total Testosterone <2.5 Free 1.1 PSA <.01 Given testosterone cypionate shot

December 2021 Total Testosterone 282 Free 4.3 PSA .02 Prescribed Testosterone 20.25 MG/ACT (1.62%) gel Place 2 application on the skin daily.

March 2022 Total Testosterone 311 my/dl

Free Testosterone. 9.7pg/ml PSA .11

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Made a mistake. Bone scan Mets left iliac crest. MRI Mets pelvic lymph nodes.

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Since you are not doing BAT and you do not seem to be on a clinical trial, I think that it is foolhardy to take testosterone and not be on ADT (even intermittently) after you have had a bone met detected.

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SLIMPICKEN in reply to Tall_Allen

This seems high risk to

Me? Shooting t with

Metzs? I Don’t get it either? 7 yrs no t for me and not one of my three mos would ever suggest t for me now? ???

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Why do you want testosterone? Mine has been undetectable, as has my PSA, for past 6 months after radiation and initial psa 64 and 3 mets diagnosed more than a year ago, and I continue with zoladox and enzalutamide.

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I’ll never criticize one’s treatment path. However, as a man with a Gleason 9 stage 4 metastatic Prostate Cancer from initial diagnosis, I wonder who your attending physician is and their qualifications. No issue with radiation to the prostate; yet it doesn’t deal with micro-metastasis and current metastatic lesions. I wish you the best in life.


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Karamel12 in reply to gourd_dancer

2020 80 yr old. Diagnosis,30 years previous cancer. Bracotherapy. Spread to pelvis, spine,

& hips . 2020 Lupron , Zometa, Casodex &

Zytiga. Stayed on Zytiga for 8 months PSA

fell from 50 to 20. 8 months of pure exercise

joy. Zytiga failed after 8 months. Went on

Xandi for 3 months, failed. Terrible bone

pain. Went on 6 months of chemo Docetaxel.

Failed. Took 20 rounds of EBRT for palliative

treatment of hip , pelvis & spine. Just started

On another chemo cabataxel . PSA 142.

Accepeted for PMSA treatments at Moffit

cancer center in Tampa Fl.

Will be 83 years old Jan 23. Hey you younger

dudes, stay with it. Do not give up. Keep

getting treated and buy as much quality time

as you can. At my age I have made peace with my

maker. I just do not know if my maker is ready

to make peace with me.


Mad Dog Mel

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Tall Allen is 100% spot on. Stop the testosterone totally! I was G9 and want my T level is undetectable as is my psa. on Lupron and Nubeqa. Why ADT and Bicalutamide? The latter is just to stop psa bounce in first month of Lupron. I question your doctor's choices.

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I think that 👏🏼👏🏼😎you’re amazing.

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GoBucks in reply to SLIMPICKEN

j-o-h-n thinks you're ugly too. But that's a 2nd opinion.

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SLIMPICKEN in reply to GoBucks

If Had any ego left , I’d care! But that long gone by now . J is my man in nyc!

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I may be a good example of what to avoid, Idocare? After RALP (2017 ), Lupron, RT & off Lupron 1.5years, my PC has gone metastatic. T went from 7 (PSA <0.1) to 244 (PSA 0.4), Met. to T-11. Treated w/Cyberknife. T went to 331 (PSA 7.3) Mets throughout Spine, Ribs, big one on T-4. Just started Lupron again w/Apalutamide to reduce T. We don't want T but PCa does!

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Idocare in reply to john4803

Thanks. Will be stopping T and search out another DO.

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elkmt in reply to Idocare

i would be encouraged by .01 psa which should go lower without T(not a good idea) check out article PMC3634863

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Yea please find another MO, all things considered your treatment seems bizarre to say the least. I’ve only been researching for about 3 months but never heard anything like that. ADT can bring your PSA down.

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