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Cabozantinib and Keytruda

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Update on my dad, he continues on the above combo treatment. His PSA keeps decreasing and his liver tumors keep shrinking. Very hopeful, it’s now been a one year that his liver was invaded by the prostate cancer.

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How did he qualify for keytruda off label?

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JC531 in reply to noirhole

He is being treated Mt Sinai NYC, by Dr. Oh, his cancer met some genetic markers, the treatment above is experimental and not approved yet by the FDA

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Great and thanks. We need more treatments available to us and he is a pioneer exploring new ways to save life...maybe mine.

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Yes !

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Do you recall the genetic markers he met?

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CHK 2 gene, we tried Lynparza first didn’t work, then this combo treatment seems to be working


Got my Keytruda + Opdivo + Yervoy injection for my 5+5 back in 2015 because wife and I paid for it. Just not FDA approved so call me a Guinea pig.

When cabozantanib was explored before it failed for an interesting reason - it changed the tumor microenvironment so tumors did not show up on scans. I hope that combining it with Keytruda does the trick.

This is link has a review of several trials of PC and cabozantinib:

Again. Keytruda is working on my Lung melanoma..............

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Thursday 04/08/2021 6:29 PM DST

Please keep us posted. I’ve been on Keytruda for about 18 months and after a year of undetectable PSA, mine is finally starting to creep up. It’s an amazing drug/ science. I wondering about other combinations due to the wide genetic diversity of my PC

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