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PSA drop after Provenge.


Well, I sure wasn't expecting this. On 6/24/2019 with a PSA of 0.9, I started Provenge. 14 days later my PSA jumped up to 1.4. Again, 14 days (7/26/2019) later my PSA jumped to 2.4, I freaked. Today has been one month since my third and last Provenge infusion. When I went in to discuss the next step with my oncologist, she looked at me shaking her head. My heart sunk thinking my PSA was through the roof. She told me my current PSA reading is 0.8. I told her there must be some mistake to which she replied " that's what I thought so I had them run the test again and it came back with the same result".

Has anyone else had a similar experience involving a PSA drop after Provenge treatment? I'm at a loss on this one.

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Maybe it went up initially as cancer cells were dying.

Could be, I had a similar experience with a radiation flare causing my PSA to temporally rise.

Great news! 🥳

I did provenge in 2012 after radiating a spot on a bone that Dr Charles Myers found by with a set of 6 different types of scans at Sand Lake Imaging in Florida. Radiation brought it down to 0.07 on a super sensitive PSA test and it stalled there. After provenge, less than 0.02 (undetectable). Perhaps radiation was still working, but I believe the provenge may have taken it down a little more. Had my longest cancer free remission after that. I miss Dr Myers. He retired.

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Thanks for the information.

Hooray for that post-Provenge PSA drop! If you have the time, could you give me an overview of the Provenge procedure? I’ve read about the mechanics of it. Just puzzled/concerned because a staff member at my dad’s oncologist seemed to be trying to convince me of how uncomfortable and taxing and it is. My dad has donated over 30 gallons of blood, and had a port back on 04 when he had non-Hodgkin lymphoma, so I don’t think it would feel totally foreign to him...just wondering how tolerably or not the procedure went for you (and anyone else who’s had Provenge who could share). Thank you!

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If he has good veins then they will infuse those. If not, Cath is used. I had vein procedure and good results. The blood is transed from one arm, passed through a machine and returned to you through your other arm while you test in a recliner for 4 hrs. Have to keep the arm receiving the blood stationery for the duration. So, a little inconvenient but not bad if they have a TV to watch. Two days later you receive your provenge treatment intravenously or by cath and that is an easy hour and a half episode!

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I had the three Provenge treatments is 2014 (using a port) and had no problems. I am currently on no PCa meds with a PSA of <.006. I used a port because I read about to many instances of vein problems interrupting or stopping the treatments.

I had three Provenge treatments starting in April. My veins were good enough for the procedure. It was only difficult in that I had to keep my arm motionless--not an easy task--for the duration. No side effects at all. My PSA was and still is undetectable. My oncologist says that he can't "prove" that it works but he can't argue about the results in my case--so far.

It has been a year now since my Provenge treatment. Still on Lupron, Xtandi and Zometa. My PSA rose to 1.2. A month later it was still 1.2 and last , month it dropped to 0.8. Next oncologist appointment is this Friday so we will see what it is then. CATSCAN the following week and an appointment with urologist the following week for another three month Lupron shot. All of the side effects from all of the treatments are minor and I am able to tolerate them. I feel good and walk every day but this covid crap is keeping me from playing golf. Quality of life is good.

Thank you for posting this. I have the same PSA and will be starting Provenge in 4 weeks.

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I'm thinking along the same lines as Tall_Allen when he responded, "Maybe it went up initially as cancer cells were dying." All i know is i'm stable, my scans are clear and they can't find a tumor to biopsy to send to foundation one for genomic testing. It put everything on the back burner and all the stress dispersed. 5 years into this and till not on zytiga. Good luck to you sir.

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Great results from Provenge. Long may it continue. Out of interest what is your Gleason?

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