PSA drops after 2 years of steady rising

Just got my latest PSA results they dropped from 0.9 to 0.4 in the past 3 months. Is it possible that the Salvage Radiation I had in 2014 is working 2 years after receiving it? I had my prostate remove 8 years ago. I have cut Red Meat (90%) and have tried to eat organic food products.

PSA's 8/14-0.1, 2/15-0.4, 8/15-0.8, 1/16-0.8, 4/16-0.9.

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  • Well I suppose it could be. Whatever, something is happening with the PSA results. Hope you are feeling well .

  • I feel fine and like the good news. I just hope the PSA wasn't misread somehow. We will see in October!

  • Sometimes PSA movements are just "odd", quoting my oncologist. For the last 3 months I've had PSA tests every 3 weeks with the results going alternately up and down 300 points. Most recent was down to 1952. As long as I feel well and scan results are favorable, it's just a number.

  • After Salvage radiation, the PSA does continue to drop. I have heard in the halls of my Cancer Clinic--that PSA's went down for a year after Salvage---2 may be something else you are doing. What drugs are you on and are you using specific beneficial Supplements?


  • My guess is that dietary reform is the most important factor that is causing you reduction in PSA, which hopefully will be sustained for a while. I’ve been reading the messaging on PCa internet forums for the past 20 years, and I have seen many men post about reductions they have experienced because of changes in diet. You can get a general overview about the role of diet by doing a web search on terms:

    PSA diet “prostate cancer”

    (Avoid disreputable sites that want to sell you questionable supplements.)

  • Had another drop now down to 0.3😀. Oncologist was a little surprised with the downward trend.

    My wife who is my guardian has made me go 75% - 90% organic, very little red meat, takes a lot of credit for the drop. ( I still eat too many carbs)

    Next PSA in February 🙏🏽

  • Update latest PSA 8/2017 is now < 0.1. Oncologist called and said the PSA is now undetectable. Radiation or Diet or both don't really care a dropping PSA is better than a rising one! ED is worse as the PSA drops can't have everything I guess.

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