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Has anyone been treated by Dr. Bob Leibowitz @ Compassionate Oncology in Los Angeles?


My husband has MPC, currently on Lupron, Zytiga & Xgeva. We're looking for alternatives. I just finished reading Friedman's The New Testosterone Treatment which I believe Nalakrats mentioned - which led us to Dr. Leibowitz.

Would love to hear from anyone who has utilized this protocol or been treated by Dr. Leibowitz.

Thank you so much!

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You should be aware that "Dr Bob" is considered "out there" by many doctors. He hasn't published anything since 2009, which makes me suspicious. Caveat emptor. Bipolar Androgen Therapy (BAT) is a much more reasonable alternative, and is in early clinical trials at Johns hopkins.

Thank you! Much appreciated. I value your posts. What do you think about Edward Friedman's book? (The New Testosterone)

I haven't read it and don't read books about prostate cancer. I figure that if any doctor has anything useful to say he will get published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Fairwind in reply to Tall_Allen

BAT is a simple treatment with little or no downside. It uses a common, approved drug (testosterone cypionate) that's been around since 1938..It's cheap. But since it has not been approved for prostate cancer treatment, it's very difficult to get any doctor to do it outside of a trial. In the trials being performed, there have been virtually no adverse events. The positive results have been very encouraging..As a side benefit, after a couple of treatments, the patients sensitivity to Zytiga is usually reset so there is a double benefit ...

Tall_Allen in reply to Fairwind

It is certainly is not true that there have been no adverse events: many men have progressed considerably while on it. There is a good reason it should not be done outside of a clinical trial - it can be dangerous!

rococo in reply to Tall_Allen

He was considered off the wall than. I think triple androgen ablation was offered by him

I'm blending:

6 mo adt leadin (zero t)

3 mo 500ng/dl target bioavailable t (serum t about 3000ng/dl)

3 mo 200ng/dl target biot with finasteride and dutasteride

3 mo 500ng target biot

3 mo zero t with finasteride and dutasteride and zytiga/prednisone

Repeat it all

I did the 6 mo leadin and am in the middle of the first 3mo cycle (hit without fin or duta)

I use an AI throughout every cycle

So far psa is zero and all of my oncologists are scratching their heads. I'm g 4+5, local lymph node pos, local organ invasions, no far metas known. One year rp

I'm a patient of Compassionate Oncology. Their typical aggressive PCa approach is 13 months ADT with 3 months low dose chemo concurrently. Metformin and a statin for life. TRT if warrented and desired but not starting until ADT is over.

TRT is out there from a SOC approach. NIH studies paint a different picture but that picture hasn't been accepted as a replacment for Lupron. Money, time, efficacy? I don't know which or whether it is something else.

Metformin and statins are born out by NIH studies and considerable data. ADT is SOC. Chemo is SOC - but the CO approach is a lower dose spread out over a longer timeframe. I don't know if any studies have been done showing efficacy of high dose/short time vs. low dose/long time.

I sort of blended my research with my SOC oncologist approach with Comp Onc approach with my naturopath opinions.

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