Advanced Prostate Cancer

Support Group in Los Angeles anyone?

I am wondering if anyone knows of a support group in Los Angeles area.

I am stage 4 with bone and visceral Mets and failing chemo. PSA 150 and all prior stuff like Lupron Casodex zytiga xtandi etc.

Insurance won't pay for xofigo.

Need some advice. Can't get any at my hospital as I only see interns who know less than me. Thanks.

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There's a gay men with prostate cancer group in LA; started by Malecare and currently facilitated by the Cancer Support Community at the LA Gay Center


Thanks for the info.

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Dear Sinjonn:

I got this when I Googles Support Groups in LA-


I think any cancer treating hospital has groups. I went to a support group when my wife was dying from Huntington's Disease and it was in a church.

It seems like LA would be bursting with groups- seeing as how there are 250, 000 each year of us diagnosed.

Good Luck,



Many flanks for that info.


You don't say where in LA. I attend a support group at the Redondo Beach Cancer Support Center in Redondo Beach which meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 4:30 PM. Location is at the Redondo Beach Pier. Good group of folks and facilitated by an MD/PsyD.

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I am in Hacienda Heights 30 miles east of LA but still in LA county.

Thanks for info.


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