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Is kidney function related to my prostate meds?

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I'm new here. I was diagnosed with castrate resistant prostate cancer in November of 2017. No bone involvement, but it had spread to the lymph nodes in the groin area. Due to the size of my prostate, it is not productive nor recommended to remove it. I was started on Firmagon, then switched to Eligard. Both were very effective in reducing a PSA of 156 to 12. This spring, I received Provenge then was put on Zytiga along with steroids. My most recent PSA was around 5. Testosterone was 4. Lymph nodes have shrunk to 1/3 their size from the initial diagnosis. The only issue I have now is that blood tests indicate kidney function is diminishing. I don't know if this is related to the medications I am taking or not. Any experience with kidney problems from you all?

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If you have any kidney issues you want to keep your eyes on them.

The oncologists don't seem to pay much attention to them.

The scans can create risks.

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Thank you

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The lu177 psma treatment in particular can cause risks. Kidney risk and salivary gland risk.

Oncologist Dr. Kwon at the Pcri conference mocked the salivary gland risk as only spit glands and dry mouth. If you kill your spit glands, the fall off effects of that may kill you sooner than the prostate cancer.

Dr Kwon didn't even mention kidney damage.

These oncologists, as a group seem to be at best an unrealiable source for info on side effects. I would just never rely on them for that info.

Google search the medication/treatment in relationship kidney function and damage.

My PC migrated into bladder. Suffered from chronic infections due to catheters I must use to urinate. Recent tests showed no right kidney function and left one impaired probably due to cancer( right one may have not worked prior to PC diagnosis) inserted stent in left on and all good now. No indication Zytiga was involved nor my doxutel chemo.

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Thank you George, all the best to you.

I recall a doctor telling me to ease off on pain meds as they can be rough on the kidneys.

Heads up - my husband has a bilateral nephrostomy from having renal failure due to PC. The ureters were restricted about 90% by the enlarged prostate and the prostate was also pressing into the bladder.

Please pay very close attention to your kidney situation! My husband was within days of having dialysis, but for right now since his function has improved some, we are dodging that bullet. It is a secondary nightmare living with renal failure. My husband just turned 56.

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